Sunday, September 29, 2013

[RAW] Sora no Yousei - "Sky Fairies"

I've been reading this short series in Lala magazine lately. It's one of the 3-chapter short series that have been popular lately, my friends call them "3-shots" because they are basically extended one-shots. So far chapters 1 and 2 have been released, chapter 3 will be released on 10/24. 

The story is about Keina, a girl who lives on the small, tropical island of Venere. This island is famous for a certain, very unique tourist attraction: a floating island that passes above Venere during the winter. The floating island is the home of the "Fairies," a clan of humans who all have golden hair and golden eyes, and may-or-may-not have wings growing out of their backs-- no one knows because the fairies always wear a special cloak covering where their wings should be, which people assume is to protect the delicate wings from wear-and-tear. In recent years, there have been many incidents of members of the Fairy tribe being kidnapped, presumably to be sold into slavery on the black market, and for this reason the fairies seldom leave their island, and when they do they are always accompanied by guards. Keina is extremely curious about the fairies because as a child the ship she and her parents were travelling on was in an accident and sunk, and both of her parents died but she was saved by a mysterious figure that she believes was a fairy. One day when she goes out to an observation point to look at the floating island with binoculars, the guardrail breaks and Keina goes tumbling off the cliff. Luckily, she's saved from serious injury because she lands on a person who was sleeping in the grass at the base of the cliff. The person she landed on is a blunt, slightly bad-tempered young man named Jill with the telltale golden eyes and wearing the traditional cloak of a fairy, but unheard of black hair. As the story progresses, Keina learns more about these mysterious people who are called "fairies" and starts to get the impression that all is not as it seems...  

These links are to RAWs from, I did not scan these images myself.

Chapter 1: Link Here!
Chapter 2: Link Here!
Read Online: Link Here!

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