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Dengeki Daisy Chapter 75 RAWs and Summary

At long last, it's the FINAL CHAPTER of this epic series!!!! Thanks so much to Asahi for getting us the RAWs crazy quickly once again :D I will write the summary for this chapter right away, but I thought I should post the RAWs first because I know you are all looking forward to this chapter as much as me and don't want to wait even a few minutes longer! 

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First of all, I had to do some research about the first picture in the file (also the preview for this post) in which Teru and Kurosaki appear in Kimono. They looked so solemn that it made me really curious about what they were doing. I had some crazy fantasies like “Is this the reception after a Japanese-style wedding??? Perhaps their wedding??!!”  I also wondered if it might be something related to New Year’s celebrations. In fact, what they are doing is TEA CEREMONY. The word on the wall scroll behind them, 日々是好日 (“nichi nichi kore kou jitsu”) is a Buddhist phrase that came to Japan via Chinese (thus why it’s written all in characters). The real meaning is deep and vague and intended to be meditated on, but to give it a simple translation, you can say it means “May all your days be good.” This phrase is often used in relation to tea ceremony. I presume what is in the box in front of Kurosaki are the tools for tea ceremony (bowl, whisk, etc). And both of them have some kind of traditional sweets on the dishes in front of them.

Anyways, on to the chapter! The chapter opens with Chiharu watching from a boat offshore while the island explodes. She radios in to headquarters announcing that the “Will of M” mission is now complete and subject M-M has been terminated in the explosion. After turning off the radio, Chiharu dramatically says “Farewell, Akira…”

On the color page are the usual taglines. One says “We’ve come this far, accompanied by all of our family and friends’ (supportive) thoughts.” The other says “What are Kurosaki and Teru’s, and also Akira’s futures?” There’s also the announcement that Volume 15 will be on sale October 25th.

The main chapter starts off with Riko gazing at some photos of Teru, Kurosaki and Souichiro set on a table with a vase of flowers. Many Japanese families set up an “altar” like this somewhere in their house to remember their dead relatives. This scene is meant to convey that impression to the readers, but since it may not occur to non-Japanese audience, I’m telling you directly :D Riko then gazes dreamily out the window and narrates that the weather is so nice today, just like it was that day, two months ago when she waited sleeplessly for Kurosaki and Teru to come home. She then closes her eyes and says sadly “What am I saying, at this point in time? Those two dear children are already………”  Suddenly Teru and Kurosaki leap into the frame and interject “We’re already home!! What are you doing, making it sound like we’re dead or something?!!”

While Kurosaki yells at Riko for her weird soliloquy, Teru takes over the narration. She says “Hello everyone. I’m alive. Kurosaki is also alive.” She then goes on to say that she will now explain how the matter of The Will of M ended up playing out. In the background there is even an image of a news article on “Wahoo! News” (parody of Yahoo) with the headline “Explosion on Uninhabited Island: Possible Volcanic Eruption?” Through Teru’s narration, the scene changes back to the island, 15 minutes before the explosion…

Kurosaki grabs Akira by the forehead and tells him not to cry. He says that he and Teru are leaving this island alive and they are taking him with them. Then Kurosaki tells Akira that to return home, they need Akira’s abilities, and asks him to help them. Akira blinks away his tears and nods. Kurosaki grins with determination and says (directed toward the oncoming explosion?)  “Just you watch and see what we two men are made of!” Kurosaki explains that the systems engineer[1] who created “The Will of M” was opposed to killing Akira, but still he didn’t embed any method for disabling the program. The reason why is because this is the only way to truly set Akira free: if the explosion is prevented, the company will know Akira is alive and keep coming after him, whereas if the island explodes, that will be taken as proof of death, and they won’t be looking for him anymore. However, the creator[1] did secretly embed a program that would let Akira escape before the island explodes. Kurosaki reveals what he learned from reading the creator’s diary: if you enter the correct command prompt within the last 15 minutes before the explosion, it will reveal another cipher, and if Akira can decrypt it an escape route will be revealed.

The next part I’m kind of confused about. What’s written in the diary on page 13 (in English) does not seem to line up with what Kurosaki says in Japanese on the next page. You guys can all read the diary entry yourselves. It seems to me that the diary entry is talking about Akira as “A” and Kurosaki as “C” (to Japanese people, C and K are the same sound, and the only difference is that using K sounds Japanese and C sounds foreign, so for a letter written in English it would make sense for C to be used to refer to Kurosaki).  The diary also says “The command is the song that Hal sang in the movie we saw together” and “A, who is not a criminal, and C, who I love, will be happy forever!” All of this leads me to the conclusion that Kurosaki’s father was the one who created “The Will of M.” Who else knows Akira, has the skills to create this advanced of a program, and loves a person named “C” who he expects to someday be on the island reading the diary entry? However on the next page Kurosaki says “I don’t know who the hint is referring to (who it was left behind for, who is being addressed in the statement “the movie we saw together”) but it’s sufficient. I’m glad dad remembered that song.“ The way he says this implies that it’s just a coincidence that the creator of the Will of M chose the song “Daisy Bell” as the prompt for the special program, and a coincidence that Kurosaki’s father used to hum that song. If anyone read this chapter in Japanese and understood it better than me, please clarify in the comments!

In any event, Kurosaki knows that the command is “Daisy Bell” and when he enters it in, a new cipher appears on the screen. Kurosaki yells to Akira that this code will reveal an escape route and that Akira is the only one who can decrypt it. Akira grimaces in pain reflexively, since his brain is already on over-load from the dozens of codes he’s already encrypted today, but even so he immediately gets the answer. I laughed when I read this, written in English once again: “There are only two kinds of people who are staying on this beach: those who are dead and those who are going to die. Now let’s get the hell out of here!!” Kurosaki inputs this phrase and the safe door on the far end of the room (in the context of the trap for Akira, it was supposed to look like it was a safe containing the fictional “will of M”) pops open, revealing an escape route. However, just then Akira falls to the grown, overcome from the strain of cracking yet another code. Kurosaki rushes over and asks if he’s okay, and Akira explains that this always happens when he deciphers codes; his head hurts and his body feels week. Kurosaki praises Akira, saying that he worked hard and he can rest now, and he will carry him the rest of the way. Akira tells Kurosaki to stop saying bullshit and leave him behind and carry Teru. Kurosaki responds by pulling out an onigiri and shoving it in Teru’s mouth and screaming “AWAKEN!!!!” Teru “powers up” and is delighted that the onigiri is yakitarako-flavored (grilled cod roe). Akira, slung over Kurosaki’s shoulder in complete disbelief as Kurosaki tells Teru to get a move on it. In a small text, Kurosaki reveals that the real reason Teru collapsed wasn’t due to Akira beating her up, but simply because she hadn’t eaten for days, ever since being kidnapped like 5 chapters ago.

The three of them rush down a staircase to where a small motorboat is waiting. Kurosaki and Teru bicker really adorably as Kurosaki tries to get the old boat started. Teru asks him if he knows how to drive a boat and Kurosaki says it’ll be fine because he used to drive boats all the time in video games when he was a kid. Teru insists that it’s not the same thing and tells him to go bald. Kurosaki tells her to shut up and cheer him on, unless she wants to die because he got too discouraged to drive the boat. Then Teru goes into servant mode and says asininely “Oh~~ Kurosaki-sama, you’re soooo cool.” LOL

Just as they’re about to pull away, Teru is shocked to see Antora standing on the landing. He doesn’t say anything but throws a USB drive to her. No one else but Teru sees him—Akira is unconscious at this point, and Kurosaki is focused on getting the boat working. The engine finally catches and Kurosaki yells to Teru to hold on, and speeds away. Looking over her shoulder, Teru sees Antora bowing.

It switches back to Teru’s present-time narration over pictures of what happened: mere moments after they escaped, the island exploded. After that, they met up with Master at a pre-arranged spot and were airlifted to safety. Teru concludes the story by saying this was her experience of the resolution of events related to the “Will of M” incident.

Back in the present, it’s 2 months after the explosion, and everyone is dressed up nicely to go visit Akira in the hospital. Hospital visits are a formal event in Japan! You must also bring gifts for the person who is sick. Teru mentions that even now there are some lose ends being tied up, but she doesn’t really know much about it because whenever she asks, the adults tell her it’s all set. Kurosaki remarks to Teru that this will be their first time seeing Akira in a while, and when Teru asks him what he thinks Akira will say when he sees them, Kurosaki jokingly says that Akira will be beaming brightly, overjoyed to see them. Teru responds that there’s no way that will happen; humans don’t change that quickly. However when they arrive they are greeted by a very different looking Akira, blushing and trying hard not to smile in his happiness that they came to visit him. Master is already there with Akira. When Teru asks Akira how he’s feeling Akira tries to cover up his tender emotions by being grumpy and snaps back at them that he’s not some monkey in a cage for them to gawk at. Master yells at Akira that that’s not how you speak to people who’ve come out of their way to visit you. It seems that Master has become Akira’s caretaker, in a role similar to Professor Midorikawa’s when he was alive.

Teru takes over narration again and explains that right after being saved from the island, Akira was admitted into the hospital, where he underwent a surgery to remove a tumor from his brain. It turns out that Professor Midorikawa left behind some information related to Akira’s medical condition. He speculated that there was a correlation between the tumor and Akira’s exceptional mental calculation abilities, and so he had been intending to wait until after the experiments Akira was participating were finished to have him undergo the surgery, in case he lost those abilities as a result of the tumor being removed. However when Akira was kidnapped by the organization, they wanted to use his abilities and wouldn’t take the chance of him losing them, so they didn’t give him the surgery. They also fabricated a story about his medical condition (saying that he needs to receive injections every so often or he’ll die, and so on) when in fact the injections they gave him were simply strong painkillers to suppress the migraines related to the tumor. Teru explains that if Akira had waited any longer to have the surgery, it probably would have been too late, but miraculously he survived and is doing well.  In the background of this explanation, Master is teasing Kurosaki about his thoughtful gift of a book about airplanes, saying that Kurosaki probably just put the book cover from a book about airplanes on a porn magazine. Kurosaki counters that if he was going to give a porn magazine, he would whip it out just like that, without trying to disguise it in some sissy way.

Then Teru tells Akira that there’s one more thing she wants to give him, and hands him the USB drive she received from Antora, telling him that it’s what he was really looking for all along, his “promise” with Professor Midorikawa. When Akira asks where she found it, she lies and tells him that it was placed in the get-away boat. She narrates that she thinks it’s still too early to tell him the truth, and that they still don’t know, and may never know, what Antora was doing there, why he gave Teru the thumb drive, and what his true motives were all along. I also have no idea, but my personal theory is that if Kurosaki’s dad isn’t the one who created “the Will of M,” then it had to have been Antora. There’s no way he survived the explosion, right? Anyways, enough of my theories, back to the summary of what’s actually written.

They plug the USB drive into a laptop and Riko asks if it’s okay if they watch with him, since they haven’t seen it yet. Akira tells them it’s okay, but they are forbidden to laugh. On the USB drive are video files that Professor Midorikawa took of himself, one for every year since the year he lost Akira right up until his death. To make a long story short, the promise that Akira extracted from Professor Midorikawa all those years ago was that on Akira’s birthday, Professor Midorikawa would sing the song “Daisy Bell” for him as a present. Apparently Akira really loved the song when Kurosaki’s father would hum it on the rare occasions he came to visit, and so he always begged Professor Midorikawa to sing it for him, but Professor Midorikawa wasn’t a good singer, so he always wiggled his way out of it, until finally he agreed to sing it for Akira on his next birthday. Since he never got that chance, he made recordings every year on Akira’s birthday to give him someday. In every recording he says things like “When I find you…” and “I have a feeling I’ll finally be able to see you this year, for sure.” It’s really really heart wrenching L Poor Professor Midorikawa. Watching the videos, everyone laughs good naturedly at how HORRIBLE Professor Midorikawa is at singing. Akira also laughs, even though tears are streaming down his cheeks.

The scene changes again, and it shows images of what all the supporting characters are doing now, along with Teru’s narration about how tiny and insignificant our existences really are, how little of an impact we make in the world as a whole, and yet how much of an impact we make (and leave behind when we are gone) in the lives of those who love us. Of course, there’s a gratuitous picture of Souichirou to reinforce this point.

The final scene takes place a school. Kiyoshi’s friends come to his classroom at lunch to get him to eat with them, but the girls in the class tell the friends that Kiyoshi is in the student council office again, since he became the vice-president of the student council at the beginning of the term. Kiyoshi is shown following Rena around and being made to carry a giant stack of books for her. When he complains she tells him to suck it up. It’s implied but not actually said that they are in some kind of relationship. The two overhear some other students gossiping that the school janitor might be quitting soon. 

Outside, Teru tries to sneak up on Kurosaki as he smokes a cigarette and waters the flowers. She asks him if it’s true that he’s planning to quit his job as the school janitor. He tells her to stop skulking around and come out and ask him if there’s something she wants to know, but Teru reminds him that they can’t be seen hanging out too much at school. He orders her as his servant to come over here right now and take a turn watering the flowers, and she complies. The Kurosaki tells her that it is true that he’s planning to leave because the ministry (where Master works and if I remember correctly Kurosaki’s father used to work) has been pestering Kurosaki to take a job with them, but he also says he’s going to wait until Teru graduates because who knows what trouble she might get herself into if he’s not around to save her. She seems surprised by this and says “You’re doing it for my sake?” and he responds “You’re my responsibility, after all. It’s my job to take care of you from now on. Forever.” Teru blushes and smiles really happily. Both she and Kurosaki laugh awkwardly and then he leans over and kisses her on the cheek. It only lasts a moment and then some other students walk by and the two of them leap apart. Teru blushes heavily and scolds Kurosaki for doing something like that at school. He tells her he was being super alert and no one saw, but in the same breath promises he’ll never do something like that again, “Not at school, at least.” The chapter ends with Teru narrating that among the many things that have changed, one thing that hasn’t changed is her kind and gentle “Daisy.” She points out to Kurosaki that the blue daisies are blooming again.

There will be a Dengeki Daisy side story in the next issue of Betsucomi. It is a prequel to Dengeki Daisy, focusing on Souichirou and Riko. Young versions of Teru and Kurosaki will also appear as supporting characters!

[1] There are two different words used, “the person in charge of the Will of M system” and “the designer.” I am pretty sure these are just two different way s of referring to the same person, but it’s worth mentioning in case I’m wrong.



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