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Love So Life Chapter 79 RAWs and Summary

After 2 months' wait, we've got another dud chapter, only 9 pages long. On the other hand, we will have a Drama CD as well, as soon as I get my copy in hand. Unfortunately, that'll probably take at least a month, due to some issues with part of my order being back-ordered and yada-yada :( In the mean time, let's try to enjoy this short but cute chapter about Omuraisu. 

This chapter is really simple, but REALLY cute. The twins are watching a "cooking idol" named Mei on TV while Matsunaga-san is trying to get them ready to go out somewhere. On today's episode of the cooking show, Mei is making Omuraisu (also spelled "Omrice" = "omelette rice") but, being an idol, she' can't just COOK, she also has to do a cutesy song and dance while doing it. 

It seems the twins really loved this song and dance, so a few days later when Shiharu asks them what they want for lunch, they tell her they want Omuraisu, and do the song and dance to convince her to make it for them. Shiharu originally doesn't want to make them the same thing again so soon because she's worried they won't get a good variety of nutrients, but ultimately caves to the cuteness that is the Omuraisu song and dance (see preview picture). Part way through the omuraisu song/dance, Akane bumps into Aoi and they start arguing about whether it's Akane's fault for bumping into him or Aoi's fault for dancing to close to her. Shiharu gets them to stop arguing by asking if Mei was arguing while she did the Omuraisu song and dance. 

In the final scene, Matsunaga-san comes home from work and there's an Omuraisu leftover for him. Shiharu shamefully tells him how the twins bewitched her into ignoring their nutritional needs, and in typical guy fashion Matsunaga-san says he doesn't really care (lol). He goes to reheat his omuraisu and Shiharu asks him what he'd like her to draw on top with ketchup. He says she doesn't need to do that for him, but she insists that she's gotten "kind of good at it" since she's drawn all sorts of things for the kids at the orphanage. Matsunaga-san thinks to himself that she's treating him like a kid, but ultimately decides that it's fine in this case. He then teases her by requesting she draw Monet's painting "Le Bassin d'Argenteuil" (I couldn't find an English title for this painting) on top of his omuraisu.

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  1. Actually it was a pretty enjoyable chapter. =D Certainly NOT what you'd expect after two months of hiatus..... but I figure that chapter will be the last in a volume so it's just to fill in some space. And/or to make it seem like a while has passed and it's time for the twins to move.
    Also Matsunaga's teasing about the painting made me laugh :D Monet... (was it really a joke? XD)
    Either way I'm glad to see next chapter will be on time in two weeks and I sure as hell hope for normal page number and for the drama that should've started a long time ago.

    As usual, thanks for the summary and the online-reading link (at work all I can use for viewing is my smartphone and it's giving me trouble when I'm trying to download)

  2. thanks for sharing! XD

    btw when day to next chapter? :))

    1. You're welcome! Chapter 80 will be published 10/20 in Hana to Yume.

    2. wow! thanks! i'll waiting that XD
      ganbatte nee


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