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Love So Life Chapter 80 - RAWs and Summary

Love So Life seems to be back to regular, if unusually short, releases (*knock on wood*)! This chapter is more of the same; cute, fluffy and empty. I'm feeling emo towards Love So Life lately. I think I'm going to stop reading if it doesn't make some serious progress by the 100th chapter. 

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The tagline on the cover page says "With this cold weather, spring is still far away..." 

At the daycare, Shiharu is instructing the kids in a craft project related to Hina Matsuri (usually translated into English as "The Doll Festival" or "Girls' Day," Hina Matsuri is a traditional holiday to celebrate the healthy growth of the family's daughter(s), the main activity of which is displaying an alter decorated with a pantheon of dolls in the home). Akane doesn't know what Girls' Day is, so Shiharu and the other girls at the daycare explain it to her. 

In the next scene, they're all at home and Matsunaga-san gets a call from the twins' grandmother. Grandma talks to Akane directly and tells her that she's inviting them to come up to Shizuoka to celebrate Hina Matsuri together. When Grandma tells Akane that she has Akane's mother's old Hina Matsuri set from when she was a kid that she saved for her, Akane gets frantic and asks "Akane's doll-sama's are over there??!" Akane throws the phone in the air and shouts at Matsunaga-san that she'll go to Shizuoka for Hina Matsuri, and Matsunaga-san tells her to tell that to her grandmother, not him. 

Later on when Matsunaga-san relates this news to Shiharu and Aoi, it's revealed that they'll be going on a 2-day, 1-night trip this time. Matsunaga-san tells Shiharu apologetically that they can't bring her along on an overnight trip, and Shiharu agrees that it would be too much of an imposition and wishes them a good trip. When Aoi-kun realizes that Shiharu isn't going, he also refuses to go. Akane-chan jumps on board and says in that case she won't go either. Both twins cling to Shiharu and whine. 

Matsunaga-san reminds the twins that their grandparents are very much looking forward to seeing them. Shiharu joins in and tells them that they'll also get to meet their cousins while they're there. Over some pictures of their preparations over the next few days, Shiharu narrates that "It might not come automatically, but with some guidance the twins' feelings will surely turn towards their grandparents..."

Finally the day before the trip comes, and Shiharu helps the twins pack the clothes they'll bring with them. Akane tells Shiharu that she'll bring her favorite towel, which reminds Shiharu to pack travel sized bottles of shampoo and body wash to take with them. (Random tidbit: According to my experience, most families only use shampoo and (liquid) bodywash, not conditioner or bar soap. I don't know why, but this is what my host family and my Japanese friends all do.) 

When she runs into the bathroom to fill up the bottles, Matsunaga-san peeks in and tells her that the twins' grandparents have already prepared some for them to use while they're there. Matsunaga-san leans against the wall and peers down at Shiharu and she tells him somewhat shyly "But won't they feel more relaxed using the one they're used to, even if they're far away...?" Then she immediately realizes that this would mean letting the shampoo and body wash that the twins' grandparents prepared for them go to waste, and she apologizes enthusiastically.  Matsunaga-san tells her it's okay, that he'll explain it to them in advance and that he's sure the twins' grandparents will understand.

Then the twins ask if they can bring some toys with them (Aoi wants to bring his "cosmo sword" and Akane wants to bring her Ruka-chan doll). Shiharu has a premonition of the two of them acting bratty when their cousins ask to play with these toys, and asks the twins if they are willing to share the toys if their cousins ask. Both answer brightly that they will, and Shiharu gives them permission. 

The chapter ends with the promise that next chapter will be about the twins and Matsunaga-san's departure, and Shiharu seeing them off. The next chapter will be released November 5th.


  1. Thanks for the summary =3
    In fact I'm kind of content with the chapter. Maybe I didn't expect too much in the first place. XD Either way having the twins fiiiiiiiiiiinally go to visit their granparents' house is a slight progress of the story. It's a sign that the whole long-awaited separation drama that should've happened a long time ago is finally about to begin. That's how it seems to me. I hope so. XD
    Also the chapter is giving me enough food for contemplating XD Like, what if Shiharu ends up going? Then we'll have Shiharu and Seiji's first overnight trip together! (wishful thinking much?) XD
    Or Seiji comes back home in the evening and stumbles on lonely Shiharu? And you know how easy it is for the night to make you go into The Mood. I imagine a lot of romance and a kiss or two... Kyaaa! >w<

  2. LSL has been irritating me lately too! All weekend I was hitting refresh on the raw sites hoping for the scans (Kinokuniya is slow in restocking unless you get a subscription and I'm already spending $200 bucks a year on Japanese cooking magazines). Also they didn't have Vol 13 in stock this weekend (today is my third attempt to see if it's in stock!). Due to my growing impatience I may just have to wait till there are a few new chapters to hope something happens.
    LSL had better end with a super awesome ending because I've invested too much time caring about this series. If it doesn't I'll seriously be tempted to light all my volumes on fire (I won't really do that!)

    1. LOL You understand my feelings so well!
      BTW, what cooking magazines do you subscribe to? I'd love to check some out (maybe I'll wait til I go back to Japan, though, shipping is stupidly expensive!) but I don't know where to start. I especially am interested in cooking deserts and stuff for kids!

    2. Ugh, that was a stupid fail. Their website says in stock but wasn't at the store! I'm dubbing this week LSL fail week!
      I subscribe to two magazines, both are NHK. One of them is Kyou no Ryouri and the other is Kyou no Ryouri beginners. I really love the actual magazines because they are well laid out but a lot of the recipes are online so I suggest you check out their website prior to considering subscribing. Their layouts are simple (beginners is just more basic and easier recipes) and I love the photos they have since they have photos during the process of cooking. There aren't too many dessert recipes in either.
      Lettuce Club is another magazine, but I always feel like there isn't much I like in that magazine. The covers don't really entice me since they have a lot of western type of things. So maybe that one might have more desserts.
      Tabeyoubi is another cooking magazine that is good, but they tend to not have that one all the time at Kinokuniya I go to. I think it's maybe a bit more serious than KnR.
      Harumi (Martha Stewart of Japan) has a fun magazine that really is the Japanese version of Martha Stewart living. I think she actually has more desserts and that sort of thing in there, and it's a really beautiful magazine. However it's really expensive and I don't think it's Monthly.
      Those are the main ones. There are some more I forgot the names of. I do know every month there is some sort of cooking guide (I think it's monthly) that seems to focus on one topic, and tends to be on baking. If they have it at Kinokuniya next time I go I'll take a photo of it.
      I think you might get the biggest bang for your buck by buying actual cookbooks if you want stuff for kids or desserts. There are a ton of fun cookbooks out there. Actually, there is one really good one called I love Macarons that was translated in English and available on amazon. It's amazingly beautiful and cute!
      I don't have a lot of dessert books (I'm bad at baking when the recipes are in English!). I also don't have anything specific to kids...are you looking for Japanese recipes that might be good for kids? Or Japanese takes on stuff like sandwiches or European food? I can go through what I have and see if I recommend anything from my shelves.

    3. Wow thanks for the very detailed response! I'll try to check the Kyou no Ryouri ones out, I really like cookbooks with lots of pictures too :D
      When I was studying abroad in Japan I managed to amass quite a few cookbooks that I got from 2nd hand stores. Most of them were bento cookbooks but there were a few about deserts too. Japanese foods are all so cute and the recipes always seem to come out just right when I make them. Plus it's good practice of my Japanese. :P

  3. Thank you so much for your summaries, I've really enjoyed them.


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