Thursday, October 3, 2013

[RAW] Oyajism - September 2013

Fans of the series I'm currently scanlating, "Shuuden na Kankei," may already know of this magazine, since it's where Shuuden na Kankei was published. It is a monthly online-only magazine dedicated to romance stories for women featuring Middle-aged male leads, almost always paired with much younger female leads. Sounds fantastic, right?! I always wanted to buy this magazine but because, as far as I know, it can only be purchased on one site, which up until now I couldn't figure out how to use, I could only buy series from Oyajism if they were popular enough to get sold on other sites like ebookjapan (which is how I got Shuuden na Kankei). Luckily, I figured out how to get around a "glitch" (I suspect it's intentional) which made the software for viewing manga purchased from not work on any non-Japanese computers. The trick is, simply set your computer's default location to Japan in the windows settings. 

The homepage of Oyajism magazine is You can read previews of many of their series by clicking on the black banners that look like film with the words 無料立ち読み on them. 

There are about 12 previous issues of Oyajism available on; I won't be buying any of them for the time being because I'm a poor college student and can't afford it because I'm saving up for a giant manga shopping spree next month. I will, however, try to buy the magazine each month from now on and share screenshots here. I also recommend people who enjoyed this magazine to purchase your own copy: It's 630 yen and goes to support a small, up-and-coming publisher. Without the extra shipping fees making the price unreasonable, I really don't think there's any excuse not to purchase a copy and support the publisher/authors. 

Also, you may have noticed I've added "Read Online" options for some of my recent releases. I have recently discovered the site Imgur, which I will be using to upload RAWs for online reading. I don't have the time to go back and add online reading to all of my previous posts, so the option will be available only for releases from this month on. I'm hoping we won't run into any problems such as excessive bandwidth usage or being flagged for copyright violation. 

Download: Link Here!
Read Online: Link Here!


  1. I can't believe no replied to this wonderful post yet! :O Thank you so much for sharing the raws and this valuable information. I'll definitely purchase this magazine. I agree, I like these online magazines because there's no shipping fee and you get it right away which is a major plus. Thanks again and I can't wait for future releases! XD

  2. Hi thanks for sharing the raws! :D I tried to install the application, but it just won't work. It keeps giving me an error message. I don't know what's wrong I even changed my region and location to Japan. *shrugs* I really want to buy this magazine. T.T Any help is greatly appreciated. :)

    1. It's a real pain in the butt, you really have to change every possible option on the "region and language" tab of the control bar to Japan. Format, Location, Default Location, and System Locale. I don't think you actually need to change your keyboard, though mine is set to microsoft IME as the default.

    2. Here are some screenshots from the tutorial I'm making (it's still not done, but this part is):

    3. Thank you so much!!! XD It really worked! I had to change everything to "Japan" to be able to install it just like you said. It didn't work for me because I didn't change my Format. I didn't think it would matter but it does. Thanks again for taking the time to make the wonderful tutorial. :)


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