Monday, November 25, 2013

Age Gap Romance Recommendation: Fantasy by Okachimachi Hato

Today I'm sharing RAWs for a one-volume series by Okachimachi Hato called "Fantasy." I came across this title while searching in Japanese for age gap romance recommendations (because I've already read everything I'm interested in that's widely known in English). I think this might win the prize for "manga couple with the largest age gap" as the man is 59 and the girl is 14, giving them a 45 year age gap. 

The basic outline of the plot is that the girl, Rumi, is a middle school student who has some special powers (I believe the right word might be "empath," she can read other people's thoughts if she's in close enough proximity) that she uses to help the police catch criminals. The man, Jin-san, is one of the detectives she works with, and she falls in love with him and spends the rest of the volume trying to convince him to sleep with her. 

The story was a bit unrealistic in the fact that Rumi seems to be very interested in sex. I don't really remember very well, but I don't think I was nearly as interested in sex at 14 as she is. Also, I distinctly remember being horrified with the idea that in a few years all the guys my age would start growing facial hair; I was definitely NOT interested in dating someone even a little older than me at that age, never mind someone 45 years older! Nevertheless, Rumi is clearly the instigator in this relationship.

On the other hand, this author's art and the general flow of the story is very realistic. There's a lot of "awkwardness" in the interactions between the characters that makes the relationships seem more natural, rather than less-so. I was also impressed upon by the fact that although Jin-san is rather reluctantly dragged along on this relationship, he's not as adamantly against it as the male protagonists in other age-gap manga. To me, this further serves to add realism to the story. In real life, if you are a single, middle aged man and a cute young girl is into you, it's much more likely you'll say "No, we shouldn't..." than "NO! I absolutely object on moral grounds!" Right?

One scene I thought was particularly interesting occurred in the first chapter or so; Rumi gets insight into one of Jin-san's sexual fantasies using her powers, and sees a vision of him fondling the breasts of a naked woman who looks suspiciously like an older version of Rumi. She gets upset that her chest isn't as large as that of the woman Jin-san fantasized about and removes her shirt to show him. I don't really get the logic of this, but it was amusing. Imagine if you had special powers that let you know, first hand, about your lover's fantasies. I couldn't stand it! I'm sure I'd be a nervous wreck like Rumi, always comparing myself to the perfect women in his fantasies.

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