Sunday, November 24, 2013

Hana to Yume Issue #21, 2013 - Love So Life Drama CD

It's been a lo--ng, long wait, but at last we have the last of the Drama CDs from the 4-consecutive-issue furoku special they ran this autumn! And it was worth waiting for! I felt the Japanese was overall a lot simpler in this Drama CD, so more people can hopefully understand what they are saying. The omuraisu song was really cute! Not just the song they sang, but how it seemed like a real family video, especially at the end when it captures a "candid" conversation between the twins, Matsunaga-san and Shiharu before Shiharu realizes the video camera is still recording. This added tidbit of "realism" makes the characters seem so much more real. I also "felt" the voice actors a lot more this time than in the last Drama CD, especially Matsunaga-san and Takeru, their voices sound like what they sound like in my head when I read the manga. Shiharu still doesn't really fit for me, though. Manga Shiharu is not an airhead, the way she seems in the Drama CDs. Sure, she gets easily flustered, but if she were really as much of a scatter brain as she seems in the Drama CDs, it wouldn't be safe to leave her in charge of small children... In any case! I hope you enjoy this Drama CD as much as I did!

Download: Link Here!


  1. This link is drama CD#1
    Can you fix this link or give me link CD#2 ? Please

    1. How is it now? I re-uploaded it again.


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