Thursday, November 21, 2013

Harlequin Romance Comics - The Beauty and the Baron and The Bridegroom's Bargain

This week's free volumes on Ebookjapan included these two lovely romance comics. In Japan there's an entire genre of Harlequin Romance Comics, manga created based on Japanese translations of Harlequin Romance novels that were originally written in English. As of yet, I don't think that any of these titles have been picked up for licensed release in English, but there are quite a few of them have been scanlated. I will also include links to the original (English language) novels that inspired these manga, in case you'd like to compare the two! 

The Bridegroom's Bargain
Manga RAWs: Download or Read Online
Novel: Download 

The Beauty and the Baron
Manga RAWs: Download or Read Online
Novel: Download


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