Friday, November 22, 2013

Huge Post of Amazing Wonderfulness

Holy @)(@$*$&)@*#!!!!! The new scanner I bought is AMAZING!!!!! I can't even find words for it right now, so I won't try. If you are involved in scanlation you NEED to get this scanner (or one that can do the same things) immediately!!!! If you don't have it, you are wasting SO MANY HOURS OF YOUR LIFE!!!!! Can you tell I'm really excited?!!!

Brother ADS-1000W

And a video of it in action...

Okay, now that we've got that out of the way! Here is a picture of all the stuff I got in the mail today <3

So yeah! For now, here are scans of the most important things. Individual posts, summaries, etc. will follow (maybe/hopefully/probably.) The scans aren't perfect because I haven't figured out the settings of the scanner very well yet, but they are more than good enough to read! By the way it took me about half an hour to debind all of these, and only about 10-15 minutes to scan them. Less than an hour!!!! Before, ONE chapter would take me about 2 hours to scan and 4(ish?) hours to edit. 

Kore wa Koi no Hanashi Chapter 36: Download or Read Online 
Himegoto Asobi Chapter 13: Download or Read Online
Junketsu + Kareshi Side Story: Download or Read Online
Jibun no Mune ni Kiite Mina: Download or Read Online


  1. Thank you for the scans of "Kore wa koi no hanashi" ^__^.
    P/s: My heart just broke when Shinichi-san said those words to Haruka ;___; I cant wait for the next chapter xD.

    1. What did he say? All I know is he said something that disappointed haruka and now she is unhappy and that dude (forgot his name) is gonna try to woo her D:

    2. Oh dont worry, you'll know soon. I dont wanna be a spoiler you know >v<.

  2. That's a lovely pile you've got there!
    Thank you very much for the one-shot by Kaede! Can't say it was something special but I enjoyed the art XD I just hope LsL doesn't end as vague as this Lol XD

  3. i see majo no biyaku! are u putting up summaries for majo no biyaku? please say yes... yay! awesome site u have... more power to u

    1. Ooh, I second this request!!! I can't find English summaries anywhere :(


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