Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Love So Life Chapter 81 RAWs and Summary

New chapter of Love So Life was released today on Comiczip.net! This chapter was short but cute. It's nice to see the twins' extended family, they all seem like nice people. Riku-kun reminds me strongly of a Nao-kun mini-me! 

I will write the summary for this post in a few days, by this weekend at the latest. I have 2 exams and a big project due this week, and Boston Career Forum this weekend. In the meantime, enjoy the RAWs!

Download: Link Here!
Read Online: Link Here!


  1. Are you still working on the Shinigamihime novels?

    1. To be honest, probably not. If you're looking to take over translation, you are more than welcome to!

  2. I started love so Life after... reading Dengeki Daisy.. as u mentioned about it in 1 of the chapters of Dengeki Daisy..
    4m10th of his month... I relly
    loved it...n ur jus amazing to
    Take ur tym out n post this
    summaries.. and scntalations
    take lot of tym.. ThanQ vry much n I'll b waiting 4 81 chapter summary...I Live in India.. so here I don't get any mangas', I don't knw japanese so this summaries help me a lot.. :-) ;) :D!!!

  3. have been a big fan of love so life soooooooo for you to go out of your way to do summaries for this manga to me is a life saver, because right after the last chapter was translated (61) i started going a bit crazy with the waiting lolxx
    THANK YOU !! :3

  4. Replies
    1. I never wrote it :D Feel free to write your own.

    2. it would be great if i could :( but i cant read it, which is why i'm reading your summaries :) as a translation. So i'm realy happy with your work so far :D


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