Sunday, November 3, 2013

[RAW] Ijirare Shisshin Densha Plus +

Today's release is another one of the "ladies comics" genre limited time free downloads from Ebookjapan that I've been posting lately. I haven't posted any of these recently because either the art or the story has been really crappy in the last few weeks' releases. But the art in this week's download was pretty good, and the story was not unbearably stupid, so I thought I'd share it with you.

Shihori has a wonderful boyfriend, Arata-kun, who is kind and gentle to her. The problem is, she's really bored with the tame sex they always have and fantasizes about rough and lewd sex, usually involving voyeurism. One day when they're on the train when they meet with a classmate, Masaki-senpai, who starts fondling Shihori as soon as her boyfriend leaves to go to the bathroom. When Arata-kun returns Masaki-senpai starts raping Shihori right in front of him and she gets really excited by this whole situation. Arata-kun then tells Shihori that he actually concocted this plan with Masaki-senpai because he also is into rough and lewd sex with voyeuristic (is that a word?) tendencies, but was afraid Shihori would hate him if he told her, so he got Masaki-senpai to help him test her reaction. The rest of the volume is composed of other short stories with the same themes: threesomes, trains, sex fantasies, and rough voyeuristic sex.

I actually liked the 2nd story best, it has a kind of unique twist on a typical cliche. It's about a girl named Minami who has a crush on Akito-san, the station attendant who works on the train she always rides to school. One day she's saved from a molester by a salary man who looks exactly like Akito. It turns out that her savior is Kaito, Akito's twin brother. There's the cliche. But the interesting part is that the next time Minami encounters the two, they've switched clothes and Kaito is doing Akito's job as a station attendant so the Akito can ride the train with her. When Minami uses the mysterious power of love (?) to figure out that Akito is Akito even though he's dressed as Kaito, they find out they both like eachother, and head back to Akito's place to have sex. Before they really get going, Kaito shows up having just finished Akito's shift at work. He wants to join in on the sex, and Minami doesn't mind because he looks just like Akito, who she likes, and he's wearing the station attendant's uniform, which she is attracted to. Kaito allows it on the condition that during the sex, Kaito must pretend to be Akito, so that it's as if Minami is having sex with two Akitos at once. I thought that was pretty unique, never heard that one before!

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