Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Hana to Yume, Fall 2013 -- Theme: "Forbidden"

I scanned a few of the series that looked pretty in this issue of The Hana to Yume to test out the speed of my scanner. These 5 chapters took 14 minutes, but I think that it would have been closer to 12 if one page hadn't gotten stuck, forcing me to restart the machine. I'm still not quite happy with the scans, though, they're really dark and grainy. 

Bitter Short Cake - A girl who works in bakery is in love with a customer, but there's a problem -- He's married.

Houkago no Aurora ("Afterschool Aurora") - Female high school student X male teacher, pretty stereotypical but pretty art and pretty color intro page.

Kazoku no Shouzou ("Portrait of a Family") - This is (I think) the only series in the volume that doesn't contain romance, or if it's there it's veeery subtle. I didn't read it closely, but it's about a girl whose mother dies and then she goes to live with her mother's ex-husband (not her father) and they form an unusual but warm family.

Lip Smoke - This is currently being scanlated, and I suspect this chapter will also be released shortly. For those who prefer to read in Japanese, or those who want a preview of the final chapter, I scanned it anyways.

Masaki Sensei wa Renai ga Dekinai ("Masaki-sensei Can't Love Anyone") - Another femal high school student X male teacher love story. What I liked was the tasteful and subtle but still romantic ending. For those who don't read Japanese, he said to her "Close your eyes."


  1. Haii, the first link redirects to the last series you mentioned. ;A; Hope that can be fixed, thank you!~ ♥

    1. Thanks for pointing it out! I fixed it :D

  2. thank you!!! can you tell what happened in the first story?

    1. Eh-- I just read it fully for the first time just now so I could answer your question and I found out the ending is different than I thought originally! The "married" guy's name is Sakuraba and the girl's name is Chiyuki-chan. He comes every friday to buy Shortcakes because he says his wife likes them. One time he forgets his briefcase so Chiyuki-chan runs out to return it to him before he gets on the train. He thanks her and just then it starts raining, so he gives her his umbrella. At first she protests because then he won't have one but he says he lives right near the station, above a famous ramen shop, so when he gets home he won't have far to go in the rain. The next time he comes into the shop, she returns the umbrella, and she's patched a tear in it for him. As he takes it, a button falls of the sleeve of his shirt and the owner of the cafe tells her it's okay to go sit at a table with him and fix the button for him. She asks him if his wife couldn't have fixed it for him and he says she would have once, but she can't now. Chiyuki tells him that if he needs something mended, she'll do it for him any time. This seems to subtly communicate her feelings to him. He gets a sad look in his eyes and tells her thanks, and it's not his wife's fault. After this, he doesn't come to the shop anymore. A few weeks later when she's cleaning the store she finds his house key under the counter, which he lost a few weeks ago. The owner of the shop tells her to go bring it to him, since she knows where he lives, and gives her some shortcake to give him. She meets up with him just outside his house and he tells her he was just coming back from visiting his wife's grave. They go inside and Sakuraba explains that his wife died in a traffic accident and the last thing she ever said to him was to ask him to bring home some shortcakes for her after work. He says that he should forget about her already, but he just can't so every week he buys the shortcakes for her. Chiyuki starts crying and tells him he should never forget about her, but just keep going and doing the best he can and someday the memories will only be happy, not sad anymore. She says she will do the same thing about her feelings for him. The last page of the chapter says that he comes in for cake every week again and eats it at the shop.

      So, basically at the end she confessed to him and at the same time declared that she was giving up on him, because he's going to live his whole life only being able to love his deceased wife? Perhaps there's hope for them, since he's eating the cake at the cafe now, it's more like he's coming to see her than to get cake? IDK, kinda ambiguous.


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