Monday, December 30, 2013

Ciel - November, 2013

This is the issue of Ciel that was released November 30, 2013. Technically, it's the "Issue #1, 2014" issue, but I find this way of numbering confusing, so I'll list it by release date. 

I *finally* got this issue in the mail today, and thought that now that I have a nice fast scanner, it would be a shame not to scan the whole issue! I will be making another separate post, probably tomorrow, with a summary of this chapter of Himegoto Asobi, but in the meantime I have one very important bit of information I absolutely must share now: Himegoto Asobi will end with the next chapter!!!

Read Online: Link Here!
Download: Link Here!

PS: In case you guys like seeing my manga purchases (for some reason I totally love seeing pictures of what other people buy!), here's what came in today together with Ciel.)


  1. nice collection. um would it be possible for you to scan vampire knight regular edition volume 19 cover , the one with yuuki and kaname. it's just that it would be nice if you could. there is no scan of this volume cover.

    1. I already packed it away :( I am putting most of my manga in storage in my parents' attic while I'm in Japan.


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