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Kore wa Koi no Hanashi Chapter 37 RAWs and Summary

This morning a kind anon posted  in the chatbox a link to, where RAWs for Kore wa Koi no Hanashi Chapter 37 are already up! Since I still haven't seen or heard anything about my own copy, I'll write this month's post using Raffmanga's RAWs. Thank you very much for sharing! According to the watermark, these RAWs were originally scanned by so if you speak Chinese, consider stopping by and thanking them too! 

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The tagline on the front page says "Even though they're your own feelings, why is it that they never go as you'd thought they would?" 

This chapter picked up where the last left off, with Haruka silently following Sugita as they walk aimlessly around in town. It seems as if she wants to say something, and a few times it seems she's about to speak, but then thinks the better of it. Sugita looks at her, but doesn't say anything either as he leads her towards the train station

Back at Shinichi's house, Shinichi notices that Haruka's gone and that she left her cellphone behind. He figures she went home without telling him and forgot her phone, and besides being mildly irritated, he doesn't think much of it. 

Until the next day, when Utako shows up before school's technically supposed to have ended, frantic to know where Haruka is. Shinichi says that Haruka should still be at school, but Utako says she never showed up, which is unusual for her. Shinichi then suggests that she might be at home, but Utako says she stopped by on her way here and no one answered. She also mentions that she tried calling Haruka's phone but there was no answer. Shinichi reveals that Haruka forgot her phone at his house the night before. Satomi is also there, and she suggests that perhaps something happened to Haruka again, like the time she was the victim of the slasher. 

Shinichi starts getting anxious now. The three of them head to Haruka's house and Shinichi, who has a key, goes in to check but she's not there. Utako's fretting about what they should do, whether they should call the police or something, and then she says "It couldn't be..." Shinichi shouts at her that if she knows something, she should say it. Utako is surprised by how violently he shouted at her, but then obediently follows her hunch and calls Maa-kun, who answers and announces that he expected they'd be calling him about now. 

Shinichi grabs the phone from Utako (he's kinda a violent jerk in this chapter) and demands to know where they are right now. Maa-kun tells him they're in XX-city and Shinichi asks "WHERE in XX-city?!" Maa-kun says that they're "somewhere near the train station, come find us yourself, if you can." Shinichi gets angry and runs off, leaving Satomi and Utako behind.

Maa-kun returns to the table where Haruka's waiting for him; they are currently eating in a restaurant. She asks who called him and he tells her it was a friend. Haruka finally speaks up and starts to apologize and say something, when he interrupts and says "You want to go back now, right?" He explains that he guessed because everyone will probably notice around now that she's gone, and start to worry because of her previous run in with the slasher. 

Haruka starts to get frantic but Maa-kun tells her to calm down and confesses that the phone call earlier was from Shinichi, and he explained everything to him. Maa-kun asks Haruka if she was able to forget, at least a little, and she responds by looking at him with a confused expression. He says that they didn't go "far away" and just walked around the town all night, going down to look at the ocean and coming into the restaurant to have something to eat, but she should feel a bit better now, right? Haruka makes a strange face and thanks him, but then he tells her that Shinichi now knows that she was with him the whole time. The two face each other silently for a long moment, until suddenly Shinichi comes running into the restaurant. 

Shinichi starts off scolding them, but Maa-kun starts taunting him, saying he got there faster than expected and he must have been in quite a hurry if he ran all the way there. Shinichi tells Maa-kun not to fuck with him and asks them what they've been doing all this time. Haruka tries to cut in and diffuse the situation by taking responsibility, but Maa-kun bluntly said that he's the one who took her out. Shinichi grabs him by the shirt and yells at him again not to fuck with him, but the restaurant staff come running over and kick them out for causing a scene. 

On the way home, Haruka apologizes, and Shinichi can't stay mad at her, so he tells her that "as long as [she's] okay, that's all that matters," and pats her on the head, while she blushes. Then Maa-kun, who's walking on the other side of Shinichi says quietly so that only he and Shinichi can hear, "How frantic you were earlier; what that because you were worried as her guardian, or because you were jealous?" Shinichi glares at him and responds by asking when he got such a twisted personality, and Maa-kun answers that he's also serious (about Haruka). Haruka has been oblivious to this entire conversation, so when she notices them talking and tries to find out what they are saying, Shinichi tells her grumpily that it's nothing. 

As the scene changes, Shinichi admits in narration that the answer to Maa-kun's question was "Because I was jealous, of course." When Shinichi gets home, Oogaki's there; he says Satomi got called in to work so she had Oogaki come over in case Haruka came home by herself. Shinichi explains that he dropped Haruka off at her house and told her to spend the rest of the day reflecting on her actions. Maa-kun comes in the door after him, and explains that he was told (by Shinichi) to come with him to get his lecture. 

Shinichi sits Maa-kun down at the kitchen table and asks him where they were all night long. Maa-kun answers vaguely ("here and there...") and Shinichi tells him to answer. Maa-kun explains, with a bored-looking expression, that they just walked around all night because they didn't have the money to get a place to stay or anything. Shinichi yells at Maa-kun that it's dangerous for kids their age to be walking around at night. Maa-kun answers defiantly by asking Shinichi which he thinks is more dangerous, between walking around all night or going into a hotel together. 

Shinichi calls Maa-kun a bastard, but Maa-kun goes on confidently telling Shinichi that he should just speak frankly now that he's realized he was jealous earlier. Then Maa-kun what's up with him refusing to do anything even though he loves Haruka; he says that it's a pitiful situation for Haruka. Shinichi insists that, even so, he won't do anything. Maa-kun argues that if it were him spending every day with the girl he likes, he wouldn't be able to help himself. Shinichi says that that's not the problem, but Maa-kun insists it is.

Then Shinichi loses his temper and yells at Maa-kun to shut up, and says " I can restrain myself!!" Maa-kun calmly points out that Shinichi used the word "restrain [him]self," which implies that he really DOES want to do something but is holding back. Shinichi gets even more angry and shouts at Maa-kun to go home, then he stomps out and slams the door. 

After Shinichi leaves, Oogaki laughs at how childish Shinichi can be, then remarks on how mature Maa-kun has become. Maa-kun grumpily tells Oogaki that people observing just for their own entertainment should be quiet. Then Maa-kun remarks that he can't back down now, because the previous Haruka would never have gone with him, but she did. This implies (not written but my own impression) that Shinichi's continued rejection of Haruka is creating an opening for Maa-kun, which is why he's saying he can't back down now. 

The final scene shows Shinichi sitting in his room, gripping his head in frustration while Sakura rubs up against his back. 

The next chapter was released 12/28! 


  1. Wow!! What a chapter!! Thanks so much Anon and Ica!! <3

    I think we've all been waiting for Shinichi to get a little jealous over Haruka. It was getting irritating seeing him walk around with that pokerface all the time.

    Even though Maa-kun is quite annoying, I think he's definitely right. I mean Shinichi is acting like Haruka is some kind of trophy only he can have when the time is right. She always seemed to be the only one pining for Shinichi, but I guess this whole Maa-kun situation really gave Shinichi a reality check.

    Can't wait for the next chapter!! :D

    1. Shinichi really irritated me this chapter. He was nasty to everyone and very selfish. Not cool at all. I hope he gets himself together in the next chapter, I will stop liking him if he keeps acting childish.

  2. Shinichi's reaction is understandable given his initial worry that something could've happened to Haruka. The jealous outburst was long overdue. Seems like everything Sugita's done since he came back was to get into Haruka's head and provoke a predictably negative response from Shinichi in front of her. Maa-kun knows what he's doing and Shinichi is playing right into it.

    This is the catalyst the story needed and the kick in the pants Shinichi required. He now realizes the situation. He's taken Haruka's love for granted and in the end she's become as emotionally neglected as she was when she first showed up.

    Sugita's started the rift between Shinichi and Haruka. All that's left is for him to spiral out of control and make an extremely rash decision based on whatever thoughts Haruka has given on the matter. It was a lose-lose situation for him from the beginning but in the end I feel Haruka is going to suffer the most in the next few chapters.

    Oogaki must be enjoying this immensely. Heh heh.

  3. I feel for him(Shinichi ) because no matter what he does he sets himself up to lose. I wouldn't be surprised if he just decides the only option is to let it go. Some battles can't be fought because in the end only thing happens is ruining everything. I feel like the old him where he just decides to ignore most of the things around him may have a revival But the best part of these kids of story's is your never sure what the character may do in the end. Thanks for the post..

  4. One more year Shinchi. But It's crazy how his and Sugita switched roles. Shinchi immature and Sugita very mature. He even got at Oogaki! Thank you very very very much for the post.

  5. Thank you so much! :) I can't wait what happen next. :D

  6. Yeesh...the things people do for love.


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