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Love So Life Chapter 83 RAWs and Summary

This seems to be an almost full-length chapter, for the first time in a while. Now that I don't have schoolwork bogging me down, and I'm (currently) working only part-time, I have nothing preventing me from writing the summary the same day as I share the RAWs! I'm going to write this summary as if you've already read the previous chapters, even though I haven't written the summaries of them yet, so that when I get around to writing them it will flow smoothly :D 

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On the front page it shows Shiharu looking at a display in a shop window with two kids that look a bit elementary school aged versions of Akane and Aoi, along with a tagline that says "I pictured Akane-chan and Aoi-kun in the future and couldn't help but draw them...<3"

The chapter starts off with Riku-kun's mom telling grandma she'll come back after she drops Riku off at day care the next day. Then she suddenly remembers she forgot to tell grandma something important. She gets a very serious and regretful look on her face and appologizes sincerely that she was unable to take the twins in when they really needed help. Grandma tells her there's nothing for her to appologize for, since she (Riku's mom, who grandma refers to as Sacchan) was pregnant with her daughter at the time and also had Riku to take care of. Still, Sacchan insists that she wishes she could have been more help.I think they then talk about Sacchan's mother, who was grandma's sister, and how she had to take care of her and grandma's sick old Dad because grandma was in the hospital. I'm not totally sure about this part, though. Anyways, Grandma says that Sacchan needn't feel guilty because the twins have had Matsunaga-san and Shiharu looking out for them this whole time. Then Sacchan cheerfully says that Riku is older now and Mio will also be old enough to play with the twins soon, so she would like to spend a lot of time together and help grandma out with the twins. 

Matsunaga-san cuts in and thanks her, then with a grave expression says Yoroshiku onegaishimasu (basically "I'm leaving them in your care, please take good care of them.") Everyone looks at him with expressions of surprise. Akane breaks the tension by asking granma "What's this?" as she completely unwravels a ball of yarn all over the place. Matsunaga-san yells at her not to touch other people's things without permission but grandma tells him it's okay, because that one was just for practice. 

Grandma tells Akane that she'll take her an Aoi to visit grandpa (referring to her father, not her husband) when he's feeling up to it. Akane gets confused and asks Matsunaga-san how many grandpas she has. Matsunaga-san explains that grandma is talking about her father, Akane's great-grandfather, and Akane replies cheerfully that she has a lot of grandpas. 

Sacchan, Riku-kun and Mio-chan leave, and grandma tells the twins that it's time for a bath. They tell her energetically that they brought shampoo with them from home. Grandma tells them that they are well prepared, but she also has shampoo and soap that they can use. Matsunaga-san explains that Shiharu thought they'd be more relieved at first if they brought some of what they were used to with them. Grandma seems impressed at Shiharu's foresight, and she and the twins go in to take a bath together. 

Grandpa's reading a newspaper and comments to Matsunaga-san on the happy voices coming from inside the bathroom. The two men agree that the sound of children's cheerful voices ringing throughout the house is a wonderful thing. A touching moment of male bonding! 

While grandpa blowdries Akane's hair, grandma tells Matsunaga-san that she laid out futons for them to use on the second floor. She also gives Matsunaga-san a picture book that she found while doing some spring cleaning that she used to read to Misaki (the twins' mom) when she was their age. 

Matsunaga-san starts to read the twins the story, but they complain that Shiharu reads much better (Matsunaga-san reads like an announcer, very dry and clearly, whereas Shiharu reads with a cutesy voice and adds random sound effects and stuff). Grandma comes in and says she was worried the twins wouldn't be able to sleep in a house they aren't used to and asks if she could bring them some warm milk or something, but Matsunaga-san tells her she doesn't need to go to all that trouble. The twins jump in and ask her to read the book to them. Grandma asks Matsunaga-san if it's okay for her to cut in, and he replies that it's okay, as long as it isn't troublesome for her. Then Matsunaga-san says he's going to step out to make a phone call, and tells the twins to be good for their grandmother. There's an awkward moment of seperation as the door closes behind Matsunaga-san, but the twins soon relax as granda begins reading where Matsunaga-san left off. Matsunaga-san smiles sadly outside the door, listening. The twins snuggle up to their grandmother as she reads, and at one point she's distracted from reading by their hair tickling her chin. She tells them their hair is very soft and fluffy, and that they look so much like their mother. 

Next chapter will be released January 4th. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  


  1. Thank you very much!! I hope that from next chapter onwards it will speed up a bit, it's one of my favourite manga and I'd hate it if it gets stuck :(
    Thanks a lot for your translation!!

  2. thank you so much for your translation...I love this manga so much and you save me from my curiousity of waiting the next chapter...thank youu..


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