Sunday, December 29, 2013

[RAW] Ai wo Hamu Akuma - The Love-Eating Demon

I downloaded this cute oneshot from comiczip today and new immediately I had to share it here. The art is lovely and the story is adorable. 

The main characters are Owl, a member of a race of immortal demons who survive by consuming love from humans, and Maria, a girl who is infamous among the demons as 'impregnable' because she was abandoned at birth and raised in a church, leading her to decide to devote her life (and heart) to God. Owl decides to impress the other demons by making Maria fall in love with him so he can do what no one else was able to and devour her love, but he never suspected he might also fall in love with her...!

Read Online: Link Here! 
Download: Link Here!

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