Sunday, December 22, 2013

[RAW - Light Novel] Bloody Honey

Bloody Honey
By: Hagino Ayukawa

A chance has arrived for dirt-poor amateur actress, Lottecia. She got a role in a play written by the famous playwright Non-no. Enthusiastic, Lotte decided to visit the location where the play was set, a land with an ominous reputation, in order to get into character. But she ended up becoming a sacrifice to a young male vampire, Sadie. Of all things, on top of being weak against the sight of blood, Sadie decides to travel to the imperial city together. 
Unconsciously, Lotte's heart is thrown into confusion at the sweet words Sadie whispers to her... A romance between an aggressive amateur actress and an air-headed vampire! <3

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  1. I LOVE YOU ! <3 haha, I'm learning japanese now and I'm looking for things to read and I found it here :) i want to comment in all of your post to thank you but my internet is so slow i can't do it, so just know that i'm a fan of your blog ^^

    1. Aww thank you Bryan!! It makes me happy to know other people can also enjoy and learn from the things I post here! Good luck with your Japanese studies. 一緒にがんばろう!


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