Thursday, December 19, 2013

[RAW - Light Novel] Kishi Koi Monogatari

Kishi Koi Monogatari
Knight Love Story
By: Sakura Nagatanien

Summary: The person I love is a strong, silent and stoic knight---- While spending time with Ivan, the knight in charge of monitoring me while I'm under house arrest, I, Michaela, the princess of a ruined kingdom, discovered the kindness that he tries to keep hidden. Although he should hate me for being the daughter of his enemy, why does he treat me so preciously? Even though I know it's a one-sided love, I can't repress my feelings. As a member of the former royal family, it's my fate to be sentenced to death. This love will never end in happiness. But then talk about a political marriage between us came up...?!

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I haven't read this light novel yet, but it's from one of my favorite publishers, Tiara Bunko. All of their novels are smutty romance stories, usually set in fantasy or historical settings, with lots of sex scenes and beautiful artwork. I accidentally bought 2 copies, so I debound this one to scan for you guys. Enjoy! 

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