Friday, December 27, 2013

[RAW - Light Novel] Sugar Apple Fairy Tale - Volume 7 - Ginzatoushi to Ki no Kakan

The cover art for this series is so beautiful, isn't it? Once again, I did not scan this, I got it from

On an unrelated note, my issue of Aria (11/28 issue) still hasn't arrived, and neither has the package containing Ciel (11/30 issue). Furthermore, I got an email from today informing me that my most recent purchase (including Deluxe Betsucomi with the Dengeki Daisy side story in it) has been delayed because another book I ordered together with it has been back-ordered. I'm not having good luck with shipping lately...

Read Online: Link Here!
Download: Link Here!


  1. I agree, the cover art for the volumes are so gorgeous *___* thank you!!

  2. I read the manga and liked it!
    Have really high expectation for the novel ♥♥
    Thank you ^^

  3. thank you so much for this manga I really like it


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