Friday, December 20, 2013

[RAW - Light Novel] Yousei to Kiss

Yousei to Kiss
To Kiss A Fairy
By: Shigeru Yudzuka

Summary: An opportunity arose for Nora, who'd been working as a fortune teller in the city. She was able to become the assistant to the official court Diviner at the royal palace! However the work which was assigned to Nora, who happily thought that becoming "an official court employee" would undoubtedly be profitable---- doing odd jobs for the beautiful Diviner, Lennox, who upon first meeting her suddenly demanded she take off her clothes?! Furthermore, those "odd jobs" involved taking care of a doll that can move around by itself? Suddenly Nora finds herself plunged into a new world where she's constantly being tossed around by abnormal occurrences and sexual harassment...?! And exciting love fantasy!    

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