Tuesday, December 17, 2013

[RAW] Romance Douwa

Hey guys! I have another full-magazine RAWs release for you guys today. This magazine not a monthly serialization, it was only released this one time, as far as I know. The magazine is a bit over 500 pages and includes several long oneshots. The uniting theme of all the oneshots is "Fairytale Romance" (which is the title of the magazine, btw). My favorite genre of manga is smut romance with fairytale / fantasy settings, which is exactly what you've got here. Unlike the last full-magazine post I did (here), this one has quite a bit of sex scenes, so don't view it if that's not your thing! 

I believe the "read online" album is missing some pages again, so to be sure you have everything I recommend downloading the complete file. Imgur often does this when I upload huge amounts of files at once; some files fail to upload but it doesn't alert me, I only notice later than the number of files in the folder is less than there should be. Even if I do know what pages are missing, when I try to add them in, they are added at the end of the album, not in the proper place. This is the only thing I don't like about Imgur. 

Read Online: Link Here!
Download: Link Here!

I'm currently scanning something I think you guys are really going to like. It should be ready to post this afternoon or maybe tomorrow :D Keep an eye out!


  1. Thank you very much ^^

  2. You are so awesome! I have been fond of your blog really.


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