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Dengeki Daisy Side Story #3 - RAWs and Summary

Good morning everyone! After many days of procrastination, today I finally found time and motivation to write up a summary of the final side story of Dengeki Daisy! 

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The tagline on the title page reads "Since the "Will of M" incident concluded, everyone has begun walking toward their own futures. // When suddenly another big incident occurred?!"

On the first page, Teru is acting exaggeratedly serious and tells Kurosaki and Akira that she will "tell them the truth" if they think they can handle. Then she demonstrates how to open a carton of milk cleanly, and tells them the 'secret' technique that is written on the side of the carton for how to open it without tearing it and letting milk drip out all over the place. Kurosaki and Akira are astounded by this feat and immediately begin practicing by opening both sides of all the milk cartons in the house, while arguing with each other over which of them is stupider for not knowing how to do this properly. Meanwhile, Teru complains that she doesn't need that much milk for the white sauce she's making. 

On the next page, Teru summarizes the entire series in a single panel (pretty impressive) and then goes on to explain that since the end of the main series, Akira has been released from the hospital and has been working at Master's bar. Andy and Riko have been scrambling to catch up on the work they missed during the Will of M incident, and Kurosaki has continued working as the school janitor, as well as taking on occasional assignments from the government agency, at which times he pushes his janitor duties off on Andy and Riko, making them even busier. Teru is currently on summer break, but starting next year she'll be a senior, which means she'll be preparing for college entrance exams, so even now she's busy studying. Also, Rena and Kiyoshi have started dating officially. 

Teru narrates that they are all busy with their own lives, but they make a point of getting together on the weekends to eat together. The official purpose of these meetings is to make Akira feel like he's 'part of the group'  but the reality is they all just enjoy spending time together.

At this week's group dinner, master announces that they will all be going an all-expenses-paid tropical resort vacation. Of course everyone is shocked. Master explains that the government ministry will pay for everything because they need to write up an incident report about the Will of M incident and this is being justified as a 'fact-finding mission,' despite the fact that writing the report will only take 1 day at most and the trip is 3 days long. Andy and Riko are also going along, even though they weren't actually present during the incident, because they are 'persons of interest' and their statements may be needed. Basically, it's a frivolous business expenditure. 

After dinner, Teru and Kurosaki find themselves alone together (Riko went to bed early because she was exhausted from overworking herself, and Akira, who usually spends the night after their dinner parties, went home because he and Master are going camping early the next morning.) After Teru finishes washing the dishes, Kurosaki makes them both iced coffees and they sit down on the couch to relax and drink them. Kurosaki asks if it's really okay for Teru to be drinking coffee right before bed, and she tells him that she's planning to study a bit more before going to sleep. Kurosaki cuddles up to Teru remarks that she hasn't been showing up for "slave duty" much recently because of her studies and it's making him lonely. Teru blushes and tries to deflect his attention by babbling (she always does this!) about how Kiyoshi and Rena seem to be really into it, to the point of calling it an unofficial "slave duty club." She starts to tell Kurosaki that Kiyoshi and Rena are dating now, and Kiyoshi was the one who initiated it. Kurosaki smiles gently (I think he's amused by Teru's habit of babbling when he makes her blush) and then cuts Teru's words off by kissing her. 

Teru blushes even more than before, and Kurosaki teases her lightly for still being so nervous about kissing even though they've done it many times now. Teru protests that Kurosaki is a bit drunk now, and it's different kissing him when he's drunk. He asks if it's because he stinks of alcohol, and she says that's not it. Then he asks if she dislikes it and she blushes again and says hesitantly that she doesn't dislike it. Then he kisses her some more. In her thoughts, Teru reveals that the reason why she's nervous about kissing him when he's drunk is because at those times his kisses are "adult-like." 

After 2 pages of hot and heavy kissing, Teru collapses against Kurosaki's chest. Her face is beet-red and there's steam coming out of her head: she's suffering from sensory overload. Kurosaki realizes that he over did it and apologizes, ("Before I knew it, I was going all out and couldn't hold back anymore.") preemptively promising to go bald in payment for his misdeeds. Then he smiles lovingly, with a faint blush on his face as well, and repeats what it seems he has promised her before: that while she's a high school student he'll only kiss her, because he's waiting until after she graduates to do anything more. 

Teru leans against him, blushing happily and narrates in her thoughts that recently when they're alone together, she gets even more nervous than she would before, because she's starting to see an 'adult' side of Kurosaki she didn't know about before. She also narrates that the world is full of many things she doesn't know anything about, and that from now on she wants to learn more and more.

The next day at school, Teru and her class friends are all in the student council room talking, and the yankee friend, I think her name is Haruka, tells Teru she and Teru should just give up and get married already. She gives a reason, which I didn't understand very well, but I think basically she's saying that Kurosaki is about at his wits' end and is going to lose his mind soon at this rate, so it's best to get married now so he's legally safe if he does do something. Kiyoshi also observes that Kurosaki has taken up strange hobbies lately (presumably to keep himself busy and his mind off of Teru). But Rena sticks up for Kurosaki and says that he's already decided not to do anything until Teru graduates and he's sticking to it. However she also suggests that Teru and Kurosaki should get married immediately after graduation. Someone asks Teru if she and Kurosaki haven't talked about getting married while she's still in high school. (In Japan, girls can get married at age 16 with parental consent. It's somewhat scandalous to do so, but it does occasionally happen.) 

In her thoughts, Teru reveals that she hadn't even thought about when she and Kurosaki would get married yet. It shows a flash of a scene where Riko and Kurosaki are helping Teru fill out some documents for her school regarding what her intended career path is, and she says that she's interested in psychology and would like to do the same kind of job as Riko. There's another flash of a scene where Teru is calculating whether or not she can afford to go to her top-choice university if she combines the money her brother left her, scholarships and what she can earn working part time, and Kurosaki tells her not to worry about it because he also has a modest amount of savings and if she really wants to repay him she can do so after graduating from college and getting a job. Over an image of Souichirou, Andy, Master, Creepy Pervert with a Dog, and Riko, Teru explains in her thoughts that she has been influence by the presence of so many upstanding adults in her life, which has made her want to first stand on her own two feet as a self-sufficient adult before considering marriage. She says thinks that she wants to be "shoulder to shoulder" with Kurosaki as equals before getting married, and points out that he's also waiting for her to take the time she needs to be emotionally mature enough. However she does consider the merits of what her friends were saying, and doesn't completely preclude the possibility of getting married right away.

As Teru's arriving home from school that evening,she runs into Kurosaki in the lobby. He asks her why she was skipping and she tells him that she got a good grade on the mock university entrance exam she took today. Casually taking Teru's hand as they get into the elevator, Kurosaki says that that's good so that she can go on the "business trip" without worries. Teru agrees but says she'll still study on the plane ride there and back. Noticing the shopping bag in Kurosaki's hand, Teru asks if he went to the supermarket and he says that he noticed chicken thighs and shimeji mushrooms were on sale, so he stopped to get some. Teru worries it will go bad, since they are supposed to be leaving on vacation the next day, but Kurosaki says he'll freeze it, because Akira wants to learn how to make Omuraisu next time. Teru says that she didn't know you could freeze mushrooms and Kurosaki tells her that they'll become even more nutritious if you freeze them (?). 

Teru thinks to herself that coming home from work hand-in-hand and making small talk about things like shopping and cooking makes it feel like they're newlyweds, or something. As they come out of the elevator, they meet up with another resident, a young woman, and Teru yanks her hand away quickly. They both great the woman briefly then return to their conversation. Teru teasingly tells Kurosaki that he's been acting like a veteran housewife lately. Kurosaki agrees. The woman watches them go with a suspicious look on his face. Teru continues to tease Kurosaki by telling him that he's also good at child-rearing (referring to how he looked after her since her brother died when she was in Jr. High). Kurosaki tells her he doesn't want to hear that from her, but then says that he's glad she turned out okay. 

Teru's thoughts are layered over the end of this conversation. She thinks that although getting married and starting a family with Kurosaki (as her friends had been discussing earlier) still seems like a dream of the future, she also recognizes that it might not be such a far off future as she'd thought. Teru narrates that she was lost in her own, peaceful thoughts of the future and totally let her guard down, when suddenly trouble occurred. 

In the next scene, Kurosaki and Teru are getting ready to leave for the trip the next day and arguing light-heartedly about whether it's too early to leave yet or whether it's better to leave as early as possible to meet up with the others at the airport and get their boarding passes and stuff. As Teru opens the front door, she hears crying coming from outside and sees a baby in a baby stroller abandoned in front of the apartment. There's a letter taped to the stroller that says in very formal language "Kurosaki-sama, I'm very sorry, but could you please look after this baby for me for a short while? I will definitely come back for him immediately." Both Kurosaki and Teru freak out as they realize that this is the first challenge they've faced since the end of the "Will of M" incident. 

There's a short time skip and suddenly the entire gang is at Kurosaki's apartment, panicking. There's a sign taped outside the door that says "Care Center for Infant(s) Whose Parents' Whereabouts are Unknown - Emergency Countermeasures Meeting - Team Kurebayashi." Andy is reading parenting books and asking if the baby is dehydrated, Riko is holding a bottle and asking if Kurosaki and Teru are okay, Master runs in carrying what I think must be a wooden baby bathtub(?) and shouting that Kurosaki and co. should tell him if they need any supplies, followed by Akira who's weighed down with as much dipers and wipes as he can carry. Kurosaki apologizes to everyone for the sudden development on the day they were supposed to leave on the trip, but Master answers for everyone saying that it wasn't Kurosaki's fault and explaining that he contacted Shibayama (from the Ministry) and got an extension, so they were able to postpone the trip. Akira asks if they shouldn't just hand the baby over to the police, but Teru answers that they tried calling the police but were told that since the letter was addressed to Kurosaki and they already took the baby in, they should take responsibility until the parents show up.  

Master and Andy examine the letter again and find that although a lot is written, there isn't any useful information. Mostly, the mother just wrote "I'm so terribly sorry" over and over again in like 5 different ways. Master asks Kurosaki if he knows anyone with a baby who might ask him for a favor like this, but he can't think of anyone. Then Akira cuts in saying with heavy sarcasm "It's really incredible that in this situation no one is suspecting you even a little bit of cheating or having an ex-girlfriend who's come back with a surprise or something." Kurosaki replied dryly "No kidding, good think I'm a lolicon." I'm assuming he means that for once everyone knowing he's head over heals for Teru, which usually gets him teased for being a lolicon, is finally a good thing because no one will suspect it's his child since he's been devoted to Teru for years. 

Meanwhile, Riko is feeding the baby and Teru is watching in amazement, praising Riko for being so good with kids. Riko responds that the baby drinking the milk so well means he's probably healthy, at least. Riko then goes to change the baby's diaper but Teru steps in, saying she can't make Riko do all the work. In the end Riko supervises as Teru changes the diaper. The men watch this pastoral scene of women and children with goofy expressions on their faces, and Kurosaki even blushes a bit. Then Master announces that they'll leave the baby's care to the "women's brigade" and they men will search for the baby's parents. 

Unfortunately, just then Riko gets a call from someone whose name I think is "Miura" (I suck and reading names in kanji). This person and his wife used to work with Riko and Kurosaki long ago, but now have started up their own small company. It appears Mrs. Miura is pregnant and her water broke unexpectedly even though she's not due for several more weeks. Mr. Miura is busy with some kind of disaster with work, and called Riko to go support his wife at the hospital until he can get there. Everyone starts to panic about what they are going to without Riko, when she dramatically starts yelling orders to everyone. She gives a brief motivational speak and then assigns everyone a task: Andy has some management skills and enjoys 'death maches' because a huge masochist, so he will go to Mr. Miura's company and help him quickly clean up the disaster there so he can get back to his wife sooner. Master is good a gathering intelligence, so he and his pupil Akira are put in charged of locating the baby's parents. Finally, Teru and Kurosaki are put in charge of taking care of the baby. 

Riko gives Teru a pep-talk first, telling her she has good instincts so she'll be fine, and if anything comes up she can call her at any time. Kurosaki is panicking but Riko gives him a pep-talk as well, saying that this is the task of protecting a life, and not something that he doesn't need to know just because he's a man. She orders him to think of this unexpected disaster as a test of whether or not he is worthy of being entrusted with the care of another person's life. Kurosaki seems to still be a bit reluctant, but when Teru tells him "Let's do our best!" he agrees.

From here, the narration switches to a guide about caring for infants, as experienced by Teru and Kurosaki. Task 1 is "Feeding." The narration explains that you need to disinfect the bottle with boiling water, add the correct amount of formula powder, then add a bit of 80 degree celcius water to melt the formula and then fill it the rest of the way with cold water, making the final product about 40 degrees celcius. Then you have to feed the baby with the bottle held at a certain angle so that air won't get into the nipple. After feeding, you should hold the baby over your shoulder and pat on its back to make it burp. 

Task 2 is "Diaper Changing." The narration explains that if you leave a baby with pee and poo in its diaper, it will get a rash, so you should change it as quickly as possible. It instructs that you should first lay out the new diaper underneath the baby, then open the current diaper, and wipe the baby very well to make sure no poo is left behind, but also being careful to wipe gently so that you don't rub too hard. After dumping the poop in the toilet, you can dispose of the diaper. 

Interlude 1: New parents are often so busy that they don't have time to make their own food, so they get take out frequently. In this case, Master brought Gyuudon (rice bowl with beef on top). 

Task 3 is "Bathing." The narration instructs that you should make the bath around 40 degrees celcius in winter, or a bit cooler in summer, and make sure to measure with a thermometer so you don't accidentally burn the baby. Next, it instructs that you should cover the baby's ears so water doesn't get in and support its head carefully while washing it. 

Interlude 2: At this point, Teru remarks that the baby is quite heavy. Kurosaki asks if she's okay, and Teru says she'll do her best. Kurosaki makes a reluctant face but doesn't respond.

Task 4 is "Soothing a Fussy Baby." When you've fed the baby and changed his diaper and he's still fussing for no reason...

At this point, the narration switches over to a regular scene. Teru is being punched in the face by the baby, and Kurosaki is searching online for some kind of trick to get the baby to calm down. Teru says that her arms are hurting because she's been holding the baby all day and asks Kurosaki to take him for a bit, but Kurosaki gets a panicked look on his face. He reaches out towards the baby with trembling hands, but in the end apologizes and says he can't. Teru is a bit surprised and starts to say something. Kurosaki gets flustered and explains he doesn't hate the baby or anything but... He doesn't finish explaining, and then leaves the room, saying he'll call Riko to ask about how to calm the baby down. 

Riko tells Kurosaki to check and make sure the room's not too hot or too cold, and beyond that it really can't be helped if babies fuss sometimes. Riko tells Kurosaki that they should take turns holding the baby and patiently trying to soothe it. Kurosaki isn't happy to hear about "taking turns holding the baby" but Riko threatens to beat him to death if he makes Teru do it all herself. Then Riko's expression softens and she tells him that she knows it's hard for him but he should do his best.

When Kurosaki returns to the room, Teru has gotten the baby to sleep. Teru tells Kurosaki happily that she thinks the baby will sleep until morning. Then with a touch of exhaustion she says that she hopes Master finds the parents soon. Kurosaki apologizes to Teru for making her hold the baby all day. He explains that he doesn't hate the baby, but he's afraid to touch it because he's afraid if he does touch it it will break. He says that he's good at handling violent things but doesn't know to handle something so small and delicate, and also that it's his first time seeing a baby so close. Teru tells him that it's only natural to be afraid of the unknown and tells him that even though he was afraid he helped her a lot today, which let her do her best as well. 

Teru also says that although things you don't know are frightening, once you learn about them you might find you really like them. Then she leans up against Kurosaki and tells him that she hopes they can both learn about many of those kinds of things together from now on, too. Kurosaki blushes a bit at this, and somehow his face looks really young. Teru says "Besides... Kurosaki's hands are... very gentle..." Kurosaki leans toward her like he's about to kiss her, but Teru has already drifted off to sleep, exhausted. 

While holding Teru to him and looking down at the baby, Kurosaki thinks to himself "They're both counting on me... Teru and the baby both..."

On the second day of their "special mission" Kurosaki finally holds the baby. He looks adorably terrified and keeps asking Teru if he's doing it right. She hands him the prepared bottle and tells him he's doing it exactly right. Kurosaki gives the baby the bottle and then gets excited like a little kid when the baby drinks it. Teru tells Kurosaki that the baby is relaxed and happy because it feels safe in Kurosaki's big hands. Kurosaki remarks how energetically the baby is drinking. Kursaki laughs, as if laughing at his own foolishness for being afraid to hold the baby, then says that the baby is really cute. Teru watches over the two with a smile,then narrates "And so, the two of us newbies put our power together and chugged ahead on our  mission." 

There are a bunch of single-panel scenes of trouble Kurosaki, Teru and the baby encounter over the next two days: baby pukes on Kurosaki's shoulder, baby poops so much it goes all the way up its back, Kurosaki feels how heavy the baby is when he washes it, Kurosaki tries to soothe the baby while Teru cheers him on. 

Finally, just after noon on the third day Akira shows up at Kurosaki's place with news: they've found the baby's parents. However, he finds a horrific scene of Kurosaki and Teru totally worn out from constantly caring for the baby. The apartment is a wreck and they are both wearing super-casual clothes and totally filthy. Teru narrates that after 3 days, these two newbies had reached their limits.

The next scene takes place at the hospital. The baby, who's name is Shun-chan, is reunited with his mother and father. Both bow deeply and apologize profusely. Master asks Kurosaki if he doesn't recognize the baby's mother and father: they both live on the same floor of the same apartment building as he does. Just then, both Kurosaki and Teru remember than they'd met the mother before, when they were coming out of the elevator together a few days ago. 

The mother starts crying and explains that she had been having severe stomach pain for the past few days and needed to go to the hospital but couldn't bring her child with her. Her husband had to go overseas on an unexpected business trip, and she'd just had a big fight with her parents over her child raising and couldn't ask them, so she thought she'd ask Kurosaki to watch the baby for just a short while so she could get checked out. However she passed out while at the hospital and was admitted for an emergency surgery to remove her appendix. The husband takes over apologizing for his wife's behavior (while she continues wailing apologies of her own in the back ground) and asks if there's anything he can do to make up for this. Both Kurosaki and Teru, with stricken faces, politely tell the couple that it was no big deal and there's no need to 'make up for it' or anything like that. 

Teru tells the parents that Shun-kun was very well behaved and says that it must be because he's been raised with so much of his mama and papa's love. Both parents tearfully thank her. Teru and Kurosaki both watch, smiling, as the mother tells Shun-kun that she loves him very much and will never leave him alone again. Teru narrates that this was how their first crisis in a long time ended. 

The scene changes again, and it's an unspecified number of days later. The gang has arrived at the resort for their tropical "business trip."  Teru's on the balcony of Kurosaki's room, remarking that the beautiful scenery of the sunset over the ocean is more beautiful from the guys' room than her and Riko's. Kurosaki asks Teru if she's going to go for a walk around the grounds of the hotel, and mentions that Riko took Akira out for a walk earlier. Teru responds that she'll go later, and bring an oji-san who's currently drinking beer (Kurosaki) with her. 

Kurosaki comes up next to her on the balcony and Teru remarks that the luxurious and relaxing resort is "healing" and Kurosaki agrees that they need it after the commotion of a few days ago (the baby incident). Teru agrees, but said she was glad to have the experience because she got to see a new side of Kurosaki. Kurosaki also agrees that it was a good experience, because he'll "be able to do a better job next time." At first Teru doesn't get it and starts to ask him what he means by "next time" but then she understands he's talking about when they have kids in the future and looks at him in surprise, blushing. Kurosaki kisses her passionately, and afterwards tells her that he doesn't know what it will happen, but that she should prepare herself mentally. In her thoughts, Teru says that the world really is full of things she doesn't know, and that that frightens her but also fills her with wonder. Then Kurosaki tells her that before that happens, there's still a lot he has to teach her, but that's his field of expertise, so she should leave it to him. In return, Teru tells him to go bald.

Over some vacation images of the whole gang, Teru narrates that humans take their memories and knowledge they learned in the past, their experiences and development in the present and the people that are important to them all with them as they journey towards the future. As a parting message, Teru tells the readers "I hope that your future is overflowing with happy smiles..."

Dengeki Daisy // END !!!

The new series by Motomi Kyousuke will begin in Betsucomi on March 13th. I suspect that it will show up on, but if not I'll purchase the magazine when I get to Japan at the end of March. Even if I buy it online as soon as it's released, it might not arrive at my house until after I've already left :P If anyone has any clue what the new series will be about, or even the name, please let me know!


  1. Thank so much for your hard work at translation! It's really sad to say good bye to them!!

    I wish one more short story of them getting marry or engaged...LoL

    It looks like they both agree that they will get marry soon...but not in the near future.. Likely after her graduate from university..but it also seem like they will be a "real" couple after her high school graduation with Daisy not holding himself back anymore...LoL

    1. I agree, I wish they'd show their wedding :(
      YEAH I want to see Kurosaki/Teru H scenes! Ahahaha.

  2. Thanks for the translations (: and such a big chapter xDDD i hope the new series can be good as dengeki, but since is motomi-san i'm sure it will be another awesome history ^^

    1. Yeah! I just can't wait to see what it's about. It will have to be good to compare to DD.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Thank you very much, Ica, for this final translation! It's time to say goodbye to DD! While I was reading, I couldn't help but cry a little :'( I hope Motomi-sensei new series be as great as DD. I will always treasure this story deep in my heart ♥ One of the greatest shoujos I've ever read, so different to the others chiches, full of heart in every chapter.

    By the way, it's rare because I have a "josei" nature (?), I mean, I like smut and all that stuff (when the situation is accurate, not smut because of filling an empty story) and early in the story I was always expecting more than cuddles and that so expected first kiss between Kurosaki and Teru but then, in the end, I feel relieved because Kurosaki decided to "respect" Teru until her graduation. I read a lot of stories that involved teenagers (or at least the girl is the under-aged one) summing up (?) their love and I was more than OK with that, but this time it has nothing to do with morals or whatever. I just feel for the first time that this smutty-less ending is perfect :) Despite I also wanted a wedding scene, I am quite content with the results, and I think it also fits so well with the words that Teru said to her friends about being an equal with Kurosaki and not the typical over-protected and naive young bride~

    Thanks to you, Ica. I always read your summaries but it's the very first time that I comment to thank you properly.

    From Argentina, Pamela!

    1. Thanks so much Pamecchi, this comment is very sweet!
      I think what makes this shoujo great is the perfect amount of humor mixed in. They often make fun of their own seriousness. It's the kind of humor that foreigners can understand as well. Some Japanese humor is lost on us, but Motomi-sensei knows how to create universal humor.

      I agree with what you said about Kurosaki waiting for Teru to be ready and Teru waiting until she herself is ready. That's another thing you almost never see in manga. In most manga with smut, the girls are physically mature but emotionally infants!! it drives me nuts. So even though we couldn't see the wedding and H scenes between Kurosaki and Teru, I'm happy with the way it ended.

  5. This truly made me cry and happy that it ended this way. It's one of the best shojou endings ever. Motomi is really a great mangaka. Thank you so much for summarizing this final story. :) Although I want to see how things would be when Teru becomes an adult (YKWI)... I am more than satisfied by this ending. Sweet, innocent, and respectful love. :) That's our Kurosaki and Teru! I guess Motomi won't mind if we just imagine Kurosaki and Teru's future on our own. Hihi. Ja ne~~


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