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Kore wa Koi no Hanashi Chapter 38 - RAWs and Summary

Although I *still* haven't gotten RAWs for chapter 37 in the mail, has already uploaded chapter 38! Please visit their site and thank them for sharing; without them, we'd all be waiting about 3 more weeks until I get my copy of the magazine T_T 

Normally I'd request everyone to go view the RAWs on the provider's website, especially given what an easy-to-use format Raffmanga uses for their uploads, but there is something weird going on with the online reader; it's showing the pages out of order when you read them online, but if you download them they are in the correct order. It could be that only I am having this problem, but just to be safe I renamed the pages and reuploaded them.  

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The tagline on the cover page for this chapter says "Hugging pillows and sharing our secrets is the special privilege of girls!" 

The chapter starts out with Shinichi telling Satomi and Oogaki about a call he got recently from Haruka's father. Basically, Haruka's father is coming home on short notice because Haruka's mother's mental condition has reportedly improved recently and she's now talking about wanting to come home and see Haruka again. He (father) asked Shinichi not to leave Haruka alone until he gets back, and also recommended that he not tell her anything about this. It's not very clear, but from the conversation between Shinichi and Oogaki, it seems that they are doubtful that this development is a sign that Haruka's mother's mental condition is really getting better, and they suspect it might be a symptom of her condition further deteriorating.

They discuss how they can keep Haruka from being alone until her dad gets home, and at first Satomi offers to sleep over Haruka's house but after some discussion it's decided, with a lot of pushing from an enthusiastic Satomi, that they will have huge slumber party at Shinichi's house. Maa-kun walks in at the end of this conversation and starts being suspicious of Shinichi when he hears that Haruka's going to sleep over, and in the end he is also invited to sleep over, as if to prove that it's really just an innocent slumber party.

At the slumber party, everyone is eating dinner together and conversing happily. Shinichi, always the party pooper, is irritated about all the noise, but Oogaki tells him that it's nice to gather together and be noisy like this sometimes. Maa-kun makes a suspicious face and tells Shinichi "I've got my eye on you!" 

After dinner, the guys and girls divide into two rooms for sleep. The girls all finished showering already and are laying out their futons, when Haruka and Utako decide to go to the kitchen to brush their teeth since the guys are probably still using the bathroom. In the hallway they run into Shinichi, who is shirtless and still wet from the bath. <3 <3 <3 Utako asks if the bathroom is free now, but Shinichi says that Maa-kun is in there. Haruka doesn't say anything, she just watches Shinichi with a slightly dazed expression on her face, blushing.

Just then, Maa-kun comes running out of the bathroom in just his boxers to scold Shinichi for lewdly walking around without a shirt on. (Pot calling the kettle black?!) Utako and Shinichi yell back at Maa-kun, while Haruka blushes beet-red and covers her face with her hands.

Back in the girls' bedroom, Utako teases Haruka by telling Satomi about the events that just occurred, and how Haruka got dazed and was blushing when she saw Shinichi shirtless. Satomi is surprised, and says that she figured Haruka had seen that much often and gotten used to it already, but Haruka explains that Shinichi always bathes after she's already gone home. 

The conversation turns to the incident in the previous chapter, when Haruka disappeared for an entire night with Maa-kun. Haruka says that Shinichi didn't scold her about it and hasn't acted angry with her, but she feels guilty for making him worry about her and suspects that he's actually angry even though he doesn't show it. Satomi says that she doesn't know whether Shinichi is angry or not, but she is pretty sure he is/was worried about her. She also says that this is just proof of how much Haruka means to him. 

Haruka then feels even more guilty, faced with this proof of how much he cares for her, about her "pushy" attitude 2 chapters ago when she asked him how much longer things would continue like this. Utako is (pleasantly?) shocked that Haruka went on the offensive like this, but Haruka covers her blushing face with the blankets and denies it. 

Over in Shinichi's room, Maa-kun grumpily asks Shinichi if he always works this late, and Shinichi is surprised because he didn't realize Maa-kun was still awake. He tells Maa-kun to go to sleep because he's distracting him from his work, but Maa-kun ignores him and remarks that he's surprised Shinichi hasn't grounded Haruka or forbidden them two of them from meeting for a while or something because of the incident in the last chapter. Shinichi responds that the more you try to control kids, the more they'll rebel against you so it's not worth it. Maa-kun asks if Shinichi is speaking from experience, and Shinichi tells him to shut up and go to bed.

Then Maa-kun, out of no where, brings up the subject of Haruka's mother and asks if she's really that dangerous. Shinichi's surprised he knew about this, and tells Maa-kun not to trouble Haruka by saying unnecessary stuff to her about it. Shinichi tells him firmly that Haruka's mom isn't dangerous, but concerning, which is why Haruka's dad's coming back to check things out, and he repeats that it's not something they need to worry Haruka over. In his thoughts, however, Shinichi admits he's worried and has a bad feeling like something is about to happen.

The next day, Maa-kun comes into the kitchen and finds that Haruka is the only one around. Satomi went to work, Utako had to go home to meet with her tutor, and Shinichi is sleeping because he worked all night. Maa-kun asks Haruka if she was scolded by Shinichi at all about the previous chapter's incident (this is the first time the two of them have been alone together since then) and she says she wasn't. Maa-kun remarks that Shinichi's being irresponsible as a guardian by letting this go without doing/saying anything. Haruka comes to his defense by saying that Shinichi was worried, and in any case that incident was all her fault. Maa-kun insists that it's his fault, since he's the one who took her out. Then he casts some blame for the incident on Shinichi, for telling Haruka his feelings and then leaving her hanging. Haruka once again defends Shinichi and says that he's acting this way to protect her, but Maa-kun counters by asking if that's the case then why was she crying. Haruka starts to say that that she was wrong and her way of thinking is childish but Maa-kun cuts her off by grabbing her arm and pulling her into an embrace. 

While hugging Haruka, Maa-kun tells her that this is normal. He tells her again that he loves her (3 times, actually) and then says that he can't stop himself, and that this is proof that he loves her; people can't help themselves when it comes to the one they love. While Haruka blushes and weakly tells Maa-kun to let her go, he responds by saying that the fact that Shinichi doesn't make a move on her means that he has only that degree of feelings for her, implying that if he really loved her as Maa-kun loves her, Shinichi would also not be able to hold back. 

At just that moment, Shinichi walks into the kitchen and asks Maa-kun gruffly with an angry expression what the hell he thinks he's doing. Haruka starts to protest, but Maa-kun cuts in and responds cheekily that it should be quite apparent what they are doing. LOL. Just then, Haruka's phone rings, giving her the opportunity to push away from Maa-kun to go answer it. It's Satomi, who explains that she went grocery shopping on her way over, but she bought too much stuff and needs help carrying it. Haruka takes the opportunity to dodge the situation and runs out to go help Satomi with the groceries. Shinichi shouts after her as she rushes out, but she ignores him. Maa-kun tells Shinichi that he should just stay asleep and not get in their way, then runs out after Haruka. 

As Haruka runs down the sidewalk, trying to ignore Maa-kun, who's chasing after her, a woman walking past (whose face is not shown) recognizes her and calls out her name...

The next chapter of Kore wa Koi no Hanashi will be released as usual on January 28th, but instead of the continuation of the main story, it will be an inserted side story about Utako and Sugita. 


  1. Thank you so much! :) I love your summaries. :)
    I'd like to know what will happen next, and I hoped I can see some improvement between Shinichi and Haruka, but I guess I have to wait 2 months. XD
    Really thanks. :) ♥

  2. GDI, is Sugita an obnoxious little brat or what? >X(

    Thank you SO much for the scans and summaries! I absolutely love this manga.

  3. Thanks for the summary

  4. Thanks a lot for the great work. You are my last hope in finding out what happens with this manga.

    Is her mother going to attempt a group suicide like Shinichi's mother tried in the past??


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