Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Love So Life Chapter 84

I was having some trouble downloading this chapter from  comiczip, but luckily my friend Nanaga sent it to me :D This chapter was short and sweet. And the last one we're going to get for a while. T__T So let's get to it!

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The chapter begins with grandma finishing the bedtime story from the last chapter, and the twins fast asleep. Grandma puts down the book, tucks the twins in and tells them Goodnight. The tagline on the cover page says "The twins, with the same hair as their mother, being read the same picture book as their mother, are enveloped in warmth..." 

Meanwhile, Matsunaga-san is looking at his cellphone, with his finger hovering over the button to call Shiharu with a sad smile on his face. He's thinking about how being here with the twins makes it even more obvious how similar they are to their mother's relatives, in therms of both physical similarities and similarities in their personality. He also thinks that he wants to twins to be able to get all the benefit they possibly can from living here with their relatives. 

Shiharu is getting ready for bed, and while blowdrying her hair she stares at her phone, then laughs at herself for wishing for news from Matsunaga-san and the twins, even though she knows they won't be back until tomorrow. Suddenly, a phonecall really does come in from Matsunaga-san! Shiharu answers, flustered at first, but she smiles happily when Matsunaga-san asks her if now is a good time, and answers that she was just thinking about the twins. 

Matsunaga reports that grandma is putting the twins to bed and reading them one of their mother's old books. Shiharu responds that it's a wonderful thing for a parent and child to be read the same book as children. 

Matsunaga-san's expression seems to be sincerely happy now, without the trace of sadness that was hiding behind his smile before. Shiharu is puzzled at his sudden silence, and asks him what's wrong but he says that it's nothing, he was just thinking that the sound of her voice is very soothing. Of course this causes Shiharu to get even more flustered than before!! Then he says, not seeming to realize how suggestive it sounds, that the twins would be mad at him if they knew they knew that he's hogging her all to himself right now (by talking to her on the phone but not letting them talk to her.) As expected, Shiharu's agitation level goes through the roof and she's blushing and stuttering like crazy. 

Then the caretaker lady for the orphanage knocks on Shiharu's door and asks if she has a minute. Shiharu tells Matsunaga-san in a panicky voice that she's got to go. The caretaker apologizes for interrupting when she realizes Shiharu's on the phone. Matsunaga-san bids Shiharu a goodnight with a satiated look on his face, and Shiharu says goodnight back, blushing. 

The next chapter will be released on February 20, 2014! 


  1. UWAH HOPE THINGS WILL GETTING MORE AND MORE INTERESTING (between Shiharu and Matsunaga-san) SOON >___> since I have skipped a lot of chapters (because their relationship aren't developing that much) but I hope a lot from now! Thanks for translating it! ^^

  2. Gaaaahh!!! Waaaaa!!! When's the next chapter????? Aaaarghhh!!! I'm gonna go cookoo just waiting!!! It has now begun to be very interesting!!! Waaaa!! Love this series! Thanks icarusbride for always finding time and never ceasing with posting summaries of this particular series. Love it! Keep it up and happy new year by the way!

  3. I love this story! So much! I just hope the relationship between Shiharu and Matsunaga san develope faster! Thank you so much for posting the summaries! :)


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