Thursday, January 2, 2014

Oyajism - January 2014

This month's issue of Oyajism is shorter than usual, but the price was also cheaper than usual; normally it's 680 yen, but this month it was only 480 yen.

I really enjoyed the oneshot "Hizamazuite Uso ni Kuchidzuke" in this month's issue. It's about a recent college graduate named Eri who is sick of going to job interviews and telling all the right lies ("This is the company I most wanted to enter!") and still not getting any job offers, and a middle aged shoe repair man named Yutaka, about whom it's rumored that if he repairs your shoe and then kisses it, you will be granted a wish. At first, Eri's incredulous about why women are flocking to the shoe repair shop to have their shoes repaired and kissed by Yutaka when they all know it's a lie and their wishes won't be granted just by having their shoes repaired, but slowly she comes to learn that all lies are not necessarily bad. 

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