Friday, January 3, 2014

[RAW] Hikokunin wo Choukyou 3 Nen ni Shosuru Volume 1-3

Most of the H manga I share on here are weekly free comics available on Ebookjapan, but this time it's a manga I purchased. I read the first chapter of this series in a free promotional ebook magazine on Ebookjapan, and thought it was really steamy and had potential, so I bought the rest. To be honest, I think the premise had more potential than the actual result, but I'm still glad I purchased this manga.

Hikokunin wo Choukyou 3 Nen ni Shosuru
Sentence the Defendant to 3 Years of Training
By: Hikaru Kurosaki
Summary: Minase Sakura is a beautiful woman who has been ensnaring men's hearts and committing marriage fraud. But finally the men she deceived have pressed charges against her and she was arrested by the police. Sakura's sentence is "3 years of training." So begin her obscene days of incarceration at the special prison "Camelia"...

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