Sunday, January 19, 2014

[RAW] Shinigami Hakushaku wa Yuuutsu

I haven't been posting very much lately, so I thought I should share some of the things I've downloaded recently! I got these RAWs from Comiczip, I did not scan them myself!

Shinigami Hakushaku wa Yuuutsu ("The Grim Reaper Earl is Melancholy") is another oneshot by Yajima Toki, author of The King's Undertaker, Ookami no Ouji Higashi no Otome  and Avalon no Himegimi, as well as several other oneshots. I actually dislike her drawing style, but I like the content and themes of the stories, so I've become a Yajima Toki fan!  

To summarize it quickly, this is a story set in a fantasy version of Tokugawa era Japan. Chiyo is a poor girl whose family's judo doujo burned down in a fire. She is 'saved' and given a job by Akira, a mysterious nobleman known as the "grim reaper earl" for his strange habit of always appearing, cloaked all in black, at the scene of any fatal accidents. The truth about this mysterious character is that he's not a grim reaper, but he can see the real grim reapers, and therefore he knows when someone is about to die. He's made it his mission to try and save these people before it's too late, but he's never been successful even once so far. Perhaps this time will be different-- can he save Chiyo before her grim reaper claims her life!?

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