Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Sugar Apple Fairy Tale Volume 14 Spoilers

Yesterday my copy of Sugar Apple Fairy Tale Volume 14 (The Silver Sugar Master and The Silver Guardian) came in the mail! I intend to (eventually) read it, so I won't debind it to scan for you guys, but I did use a flatbed scanner to scan the pictures and a few pages of the scenes surrounding the more interesting pictures. 

I will also post a translation of the summary from the back of the book in the comments section of this post. The summary for this book contains huge spoilers for the series overall, so read at your own risk! 

Read Online: Link Here!
Download: Link Here!

PS: It has been announced that the Sugar Apple Fairy Tale light novels will be professionally (and legally!) translated into Chinese by Emily Publishing. Volume 1 is due to be released on February 1st! Check out a post about this topic on Aqua Scans' Website.

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  1. "I'll give you proof of our pact. This is the only thing I can make."
    The king of Highland accepts the fairy king Shall's petition and decides to vow that humans and fairies shall be equal. The condition for this vow to be approved is that Shall must bring back the "first silver sugar."Ann and co. head to the location of the "first sugar apple tree." Once there, Ann will need to put all her skills to the test and make a sugar sculpture in order to obtain the "first silver sugar," but...?! Both humans and fairies will have to confront their pasts and risk it all to fight for their futures!!


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