Monday, February 10, 2014

Koiiro Devil Volume 1 Chapter 1 [Joint with Decadence Scans]

Today we're releasing the first chapter of a new series! This will a joint project between me and Decadence Scans, a new off-shot sister group of Transcendence Scans focusing on mature/smut manga. Although I say "joint," they actually did most of the work, I just translated. So please stop by their site as well and thank them for their hard work! 

I am a huge Miura Hiraku fan. I absolutely love her artwork, and I enjoy the way she writes. There are a lot of glaring shoujo cliches in all of her manga, but I feel like she's aware of it and even makes fun of it. I've collected all of her manga except for a few of the oldest ones. I will make sure to pick them up at some point as well.

Warning!! This is a smut series and includes sex scenes as well as scenes of attempted rape.

Read Online: Link Here!
Download: Link Here!

*** Please respect Decadence Scan's requests and do not upload this chapter on other sites for 2 days. Thank you!


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