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Love So Life Chapter 85 - Summary and RAWs

Sorry it's taken me so long to get around to posting this! I got home from the hospital the day Comiczip posted these Love So Life RAWs, but for some reason I haven't felt like reading any Japanese at all ever since my surgery. I think I'm finally coming out of it (hopefully) so I can get the Kore wa Koi no Hanashi side story summarized soon and finish up Chapter 5B of Sugar Apple Fairytale. 

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The tagline on the cover says "Even if Spring is drawing close, we can still play rambunctiously in the snow!" 

The chapter starts with customers at a traditional Japanese inn somewhere being served by Kouichi Matsunaga. Coming out of the customer's room, Kouichi runs into a little boy and little girl, the children of another customer. The kids' parents appear soon after and apologize. Kouichi watches on nostalgically as the kids leave with their parents, then goes back to work.

Elsewhere, Shiharu and the twins share a heartwarming reunion. The twins tackle Shiharu to the ground in the entrance-way and Akane immediately starts telling her about Riku-kun and Mio-chan, their cousins in Fukuoka. Matsunaga-san tells Akane to go into the house and then chat, because he can't bring the luggage in, but Akane is already speaking a-mile-a-minute. 

When Shiharu and Matsunaga-san 's eyes meet, Shiharu blushes, remembering their private phone call in the last chapter, and Matsunaga-san also gets a strange expression on his face. 

Just then Akane gets to the point in her story where she tells about how Riku-kun called her ugly and knocked over her dolls, and Aoi-kun stood up for her and made Riku apologize. Shiharu praises Aoi-kun for sticking up for his sister and gives him a hug. 

Matsunaga-san comes back in to the room to tell Shiharu he's leaving for work. Before he goes, he gives Shiharu a souvenir from Fukuoka. Shiharu states that she's glad their first overnight stay went smoothly. Matsunaga-san responds that some how or other, he thinks things went smoothly thanks to Shiharu. Shiharu denies it, but Matsunaga-san insists, recalling how Shiharu prepared shampoo for the twins to use, and instructed them to share their toys with their cousins. 

After Matsunaga-san leaves, Shiharu asks the twins to tell her all about their stay at their grandmother's. Akane happily agrees but Aoi-kun makes a pouty face and says that he doesn't want to talk about Grandma's house, he wants to go somewhere to play with Shiharu. Shiharu is surprised for a minute but then agrees that they should go somewhere to play since the weather is nice. 

While getting some old cardboard boxes out and taking them apart, Shiharu reasons to herself that Aoi's reason for not wanting to talk about his grandma is probably because he has a lot of feelings regarding spending the night at her house for the first time and he's keeping them buried inside his heart for now.      

Shiharu and the twins go somewhere in the city and slide down a hill sitting on the pieces of cardboard. I don't think there's any snow, just grass. Akane asks to sled down by herself and Shiharu says that she can, but on a more gentle incline. Akane doesn't understand this word and Shiharu explains it to her, and they go off to search for a less-steep hill. 

Just then Aoi-kun spots the dog that he and Akane encountered the time they went on an errand by themselves. Akane gets scared and tells Shiharu what happened back then; how she got scared and fell over and scraped her hand, but because Aoi-kun told her she'd be okay, she was able to go on with the errand. Shiharu praises the two of them for their teamwork.

Shiharu thinks to herself that the way they work together and encourage eachother and cover for eachother is starting to let them do things that adults do (do errands, interact with others, etc.)

After they've played for a long time, Akane-chan spots the setting sun off in the distance and points it out. Aoi-kun asks Shiharu if she likes the setting sun and Shiharu says that she loves it. Aoi-kun responds, "Then I'll give that setting sun to you, Shiharu-tan!" Shiharu is surprised at first, but then thanks him with a smile.

The next chapter is due to be released on 3/5!


  1. thank u soo much for your hardwork even though you should be resting right now since you went through a surgery. Hope you are doing fine and get well soon :)

    This chapter was so cute and i want matsunaga and shiharu together now that so many chapters have gone by and still theres only a slow progress
    :( anyways will the next chapter come on 5th March or 3rd May ?

  2. i have been looking for manga/anime which are quite similar to Special A, Maid Sama!, Vampire Knight, Last Game, Love So Life, Kimi Ni Todoke, Akagami no Shirayukihime, etc. but i havent been able to find one. Please recommend a good shoujo, romance, maybe fantasy, drama, maybe slice of life, etc. manga or an anime ... I M DESPERATELY IN NEED OF THEM !

    1. Can I? Have you read: Taiyou no Ie, Horimiya, Sugar soldier, Namida Usagi, Aohoraido, Crayon days, Hachimitsu, Hibi Chouchou, Moe kare, KKWH, Watashi xx shinaisai, Oresama teacher, suki desu suzuki-kun, uwasa no midori-kun, love berrish, orange, ...

    2. hey thank u soo much ... i read taiyou no ie, horimiya, aoharuride, ... and i really loved them

    3. :) If you come across others goods tell me too.

  3. thanks for the chapter. Seriously, do not force yourself too much. Ahhh when they will progress? >_< My memory is bad... Kouichi is the twins's father?

  4. Thanks for doing this with everything else going on in your life.

    I"m fairly new to manga. Since the series started with two cute little kids, a babysitter and the uncle, will the twins really be sent away to grandma's house?

    I also wonder if grandpa has had some idea where Kouchi has been.

    Thanks again!


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