Monday, February 3, 2014

Light Novel RAWs

Sora wa Akai Kawa no Hotori Gaiden - Red River Light Novels

Volume 1 - Ma ga Toki no Reimei

Volume 2 - Zoku - Ma ga Toki no Reimei
Volume 3 - Tsuitachi no Tsuki

Sugar Apple Fairy Tale

Bloody Honey

Download: Link Here!

Yousei to Kiss

Download: Link Here!

Kishi Koi Monogatari

Download: Link Here!

Wishing Moon

First Half: Link Here!

Reimei no Arcana - Hajimari no Toki

Download: Link Here!

Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden - Harukanaru Kaze no Kora

Download: Link Here!

Black Bird - Missing

Download: Link Here!

Happy Mari

Konna Marriage Ari Desu ka: Link Here!

Konna Vacation Ari Desu ka: Link Here!

Akuma Hakushaku to Honoo no Otome

Download: Link Here!

Houseki Hime wa Hohoemanai

Download: Link Here!

Princess Ring

Download: Link Here!

 Zettai Kareshi

Download: Link Here!

Cinderella Hakushakuke no Kutsubakokan

Volume 1: Link Here!


  1. Thank you very much because you have helped many reader with translating this and shaqring this :) can i request something? can you please translate this light novel "hakushaku to yosei"? the story is almost the same with kuro hakushaku wa hoshi o mederu and have a really beautiful art (From my opinion)

  2. Can anyone scan the raws of the light novel series "Musketeer Rouge"? I would buy them if I could,but unfortunately, they aren't for kindle. Can anyone help me with this?!

  3. Hello. Can you reup, please.
    (Special: Sugar Apple Fairy Tale (Volume 1 to Volume 10) & Cinderella Hakushakuke no Kutsubakokan)
    Thank you.


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