Monday, March 31, 2014

Koiiro Devil - Volume 1, Chapter 4 [Joint with Decadence Scans]

I can't tell if it's been a long journey or a short one, but Decadence Scans and I have finally come to the end of Volume 1 of the Koiiro Devil series! To be perfectly honest, we'd probably be further along by now if I weren't dragging my feet. I haven't been doing much translating at all in the last week or so; I've been devoting most of my time to reading Sugar Apple Fairy Tale volume 5. I actually developed a callus (sp?) on the hand I use to hold the book open while I use the other hand to look up words in the dictionary! 

I have good news for you guys! Decadence Scans have kindly agreed to work on two of the manga on my "potential future projects" list with me. Both are age-gap themed one-shots :D 

Good news #2: The sugar apple fairy tale Drama CDs I ordered are going to ship tomorrow and should reach me in 3-5 business days! Meaning we might get them as soon as this Friday!!!

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