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Kore wa Koi no Hanashi Chapter 39 RAWs and Summary

I'm reposting the updated summary with my own RAWs because the RAWs from were missing about 5 pages of crucial material! 

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The chapter title page is a beautiful color picture of Haruka and Shinichi holding hands and gazing at eachother. This picture filled me with so much hope. I hope it comes true someday! The tagline on the cover page says "Is it okay for me to believe... that it was fate that brought us together... and that our fate for the future is together?" The next page (also in color) just summarizes the series up 'til now.

The chapter starts off with Shinichi finding himself unable to sleep because he remembers Maa-kun hugging Haruka in the previous chapter of the main storyline. At that time, Maa-kun had told Haruka that the reason Shinichi doesn't do this (physical stuff) with her is because his feelings for her are 'only to that degree' (meaning, Shinichi is able to hold back because he doesn't love Haruka so much that he can't help himself, the way Maa-kun does.) However in the present Shinichi is trouble and unable to sleep because these words infuriate him. 

He admits that he has noticed Haruka's moods becoming unstable, and he understands that it's normal for her to want to have a normal love like any other 17-year-old. He also knows that him being unable to respond to her is causing her pain. He says that it's probably only natural for Sugita to use this situation to his advantage and make his mood. The scene ends with Shinichi pacing around the house saying to himself "What should I do...?"

The next scene opens with Haruka, Satomi and Maa-kun walking home from the grocery store. It seems that Satomi and Maa-kun originally set out to the grocery store alone, but Haruka had hurried after them to join them on their trip. When Satomi notices Haruka's in a gloomy mood, Haruka blames it on being a bit tired from running to catch up with them. Satomi tells Haruka she needn't have put herself out on their account, but Haruka says she'd been planning to go out around then anyways: she forgot something at her house and was planning to go there to pick it up. It's decided that the 3 of them will stop at Haruka's house on their way back to Shinichi's so she can grab whatever it was that she forgot.

Once they get to Haruka's house, Satomi and Maa-kun wait outside while Haruka goes in. Outside waiting, Satomi tells Maa-kun that Haruka's excuse about 'being tired from running to catch up with them' is suspicious, and she's worried that something else is up with her, but Maa-kun disagrees. Inside the house, Haruka is shocked to find her mother standing by the window, gazing out. 

Haruka goes back outside and tells Satomi and Maa-kun that she suddenly remembered some urgent business she needs to attend to, and that they should head back to Shinichi's house first with the groceries and she'll be over later. Satomi and Maa-kun are suspicious of this, but in the end they do as Haruka asked and go back to Shinichi's house.

When Haruka goes back into her house, making a guilty-looking face, her mother calls out to her. Haruka finds her mother in the kitchen, looking perfectly normal. Haruka asks cautiously "What about the hospital?" Her mother explains that she got permission for an overnight stay outside. Haruka's mom also explains that Haruka's dad is coming home for the ocassion, and the she was supposed to have been picked up by him at the hospital, but she couldn't wait and came home first by herself. 

Haruka's mom asks Haruka if her father told her any of this, but Haruka says he hadn't. Her mother speculates that he didn't want to shock her. Haruka then hesitantly asks her mother "So you're... okay now?" Haruka's mom laughs lightly then apologizes to Haruka for leaving her alone all this time. Haruka makes a face like she's really touched by these words, and says "Mom..."

The scene changes to Shinichi's house, where Maa-kun and Satomi are just returning home with the groceries. Maa-kun has been unable to forget what Shinichi told him about Haruka's mother wanting to come home and her father asking them not to let Haruka be alone until he gets back, as well as the look on Haruka's face just now when she told them she had some 'urgent matter' to deal with. After setting the groceries down, Maa-kun apologizes to Satomi then runs out, headed for Haruka's house. Satomi is unsure what's up with Maa-kun, but she shrugs it off and calls for Shinichi to help her with the groceries instead, but he's not home.

On the way to Haruka's house, Maa-kun passes Shinichi, who was at the convenience store buying cigarettes. Shinichi notices Maa-kun, but he doesn't know what's up with him either.

When Maa-kun arrives at Haruka's house, and pushily demands to know what the 'urgent matter' she mentioned is. Haruka tries to evade his question, but her mother calls her name from elsewhere in the house, ruining her chances of keeping her mother's presence a secret. Haruka apologizes for lying and briefly explains that her mother came home suddenly, saying she'd gotten permission for an overnight stay outside. Maa-kun asks if Haruka's told Shinichi about this, and when she says she hasn't, Maa-kun pulls out his cellphone to contact him. 

Just then, Haruka's mother comes to the door and invites Maa-kun in. After ushering Haruka and Maa-kun into the living room, Haruka's mom apologizes that she has no snacks to give to guests, since she hasn't been home to do shopping or anything. Then she goes into the kitchen to prepare tea for them. Maa-kun whispers to Haruka that her mother looks completely normal, and Haruka agrees that, based on her behavior since getting home, her mother might really be better now after all. 

Haruka apologizes to Maa-kun again for lying to him, but he tells her it's not important; all that's important is that her mom is home and she seems to be doing well. He remarks off-handedly that Shinichi and them were making a big deal about nothing. Before Haruka can ask him what he means by this, her mother returns with the tea. Haruka's mom makes some small talk, saying that she's happy to see Haruka has such a fine friend and that if Haruka's surrounded by such nice people she needn't have worried as much as she did about how Haruka was doing while she was away.
Then Haruka's mom asks Haruka and Maa-kun to tell her lots of stories about what happened while she was in the hospital. Haruka asks her mother if they shouldn't go to visit her brother's grave first, but Haruka's mother responds that she's already been. Haruka and Maa-kun make surprised faces but Haruka's mother's face is calm and a bit resigned. 

Back at Shinichi's house, Shinichi has just arrived home. Satomi asks him where he was, and he tells her he was at the convenience store. Then Shinichi asks where Haruka is, and Satomi explains that when they stopped at Haruka's house so she could get something, she suddenly remembered an important matter that she needed to deal with, so she stayed behind, saying that she'd come over when she was done. Shinichi yells at Satomi "What were you thinking?!" and reminds her that they aren't supposed to leave Haruka alone for any reason until her father gets home. Satomi gets a stricken look on her face and apologizes. Clearly she wasn't thinking and forgot that they weren't supposed to leave Haruka alone.

Just then Satomi gets an email from Maa-kun that he, Haruka and Haruka's mother are having tea together at Haruka's house. As Shinichi runs out the door, Satomi calls after him that Maa-kun wrote in the message that everything was alright, but Shinichi yells over his shoulder that there's no way that's true. Satomi is frightened and Shinichi is frantic.

Back at Haruka's house, Harka's mom has a breakdown and after politely suggesting that Maa-kun hurry on home she freaks out and tells him to get out. Haruka gets worried and asks her mother if she brought any medicine with her from the hospital that she can take to calm her down, but Haruka's mother responds that she's had enough medicine for two lifetimes. Then she tells Haruka that she's sick of everyone thinking she's crazy for wanting to be with her son. Haruka tries to console her mother and hugs her and tells her "I understand." Haruka's mom misunderstands this to mean Haruka also wants to commit suicide together.

On the last page, Shinichi is running full-speed towards Haruka's house, where Haruka's mother asks her "Would you like to go to the place where your brother is, too, Haruka?" The tagline on the last page says "Between Sugita-kun, who's standing still, and Shinichi, who's running all-out, who will save Haruka...?"

The next chapter will be released on March 27th!

I think I'm probably going to purchase the magazine, just to be sure I have all the pages. The next chapter sounds like it's going to be really epic and I don't want to miss anything!!


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