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Love So Life Chapter 86 RAWs and Summary

It's that time of the month again... Love So Life time! RAWs are from, as usual. I'm really grateful to them for the quick, free RAWs but I really wish that they would clean their scanner a bit so that there wouldn't be big streaks across the pages. 

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The chapter opens at Nao-kun's school, where his friends are looking at a catalogue and discussing giving white day presents to girls in return for valentine's day presents they received. One of the guys teases the other by saying that he only got valentine's day chocolate from his mom. 

Meanwhile, Honoka is bugging Nao-kun to spend the night with her in return for the present she forced on him on Valentine's Day. He tells her he has no intention of giving her anything or going anywhere with her, but Honoka starts to throw a fit.

Nao-kun's friends relate, via flashback, what happened on Valentine's Day: Honoka chased Nao-kun around, shouting that she became the apprentice to a world-famous patisserie in order to learn how to make delicious chocolate to give him today. Nao-kun shook her off and hid behind a vending machine. Rather than be deterred, Honoka is enchanted by how manly it is that Nao-kun is such a fast runner. Honoka checks her copy of Nao-kun's class schedule (probably obtained through suspicious means) and determines he'll be in gym class next. She's thrilled about the prospect of 'easing his strained and tired body' with sweet chocolate.

Honoka tackles Nao-kun when he's on his way back to the locker room after running a marathon. His friends watch on, terrified that Nao-kun is being 'attacked by a wild beast.' Unfortunately, they're too afraid of Honoka to do anything more than watch, even though Nao-kun desperately shouts for them to "call a teacher... no, call the police!"

Eventually, Honoka succeeds in force-feeding Nao-kun a piece of chocolate she made. After a long moment he admits with surprise and reluctance that it was delicious. Honoka explains she attended a class held by famous pastry chef Pierre Hermes. Nao-kun responds that he doesn't know about that kind of stuff, but the chocolate she made is certainly impressive. 

Honoka enters another of her obsessive-love-trances and Nao-kun, realizing what he's done, tells her gruffly not to misunderstand, because he still doesn't want her chocolate. Honoka ignores him and, clinging on to his leg as he tries to run away, insists that Valentine's Day was a success since he ate one of her chocolates. 

Back in reality, Nao-kun insists that he didn't 'accept' her chocolate, but Honoka insists he did because he ate it and said it was delicious. According to Honoka's logic, saying the chocolate was delicious means he loved it, and loving the chocolate means he loves the person who made it. Everyone is flabbergasted by this faulty logic. Nao-kun gets up to leave and Honoka-shouts after him, asking why he won't believe her even though she loves him this much.

Nao-kun responds angrily that a person who is going on and on all day every day about how much she loves him is unbelievable. But Honoka insists that if she doesn't tell him how she feels, he won't know; after all, she pined after him for so long but he never noticed. Nao-kun suddenly finds himself without any reply. He remembers how he pined after Shiharu for 8 years but because he didn't say anything she fell in love with someone else. Nao-kun is surprised at how unexpectedly sharp she can be at times. 

Then he asks Honoka if she's really serious about him. She says that no one would work this hard for someone they didn't really like. Nao-kun sighs and reluctantly agrees with her about that. He tells her to let him speak frankly, then, and begins to tell her that he's no ready to respond to anyone's feelings right now, but Honoka puts her hands over her ears and refuses to listen. Nao-kun gets angry and grabs her hands, yelling at her not to not listen when it's not convenient for her. His friends watch on, surprised, having noticed something is different about him. 

The next scene is at Rio and Shiharu's school. Rio is troubled and asks her friends if she should make a specific request as to what she wants to receive for white day, or leave it to Takeru to pick something out. She explains that when she doesn't give him a specific request, he gives her childish things like bento boxes, pen cases and handkerchiefs. She explains that she's happy to receive anything from him, but she'd prefer something she can actually use, so that she can have something he gave her with her all the time.

Rio's friend agrees and says jewelry is the best gift. Rio gets a bit flustered and insists she doesn't need anything that expensive. She wonders out loud if she's too selfish, but Shiharu insists it's normal to want to have something from the person you love that you can keep with you at all times. Shiharu suggests that Rio tell Takeru-kun her feelings like she just told them. The other friend suggests that Rio and Takeru go to the store together to pick something out. Rio seems cheered up and thanks them for their advice.

Shiharu starts thinking introspectively about white day, and narrates that she was really happy about the glass case filled with candies that she got from Matsunaga-san last year on white day, but she also understands how Rio feels about wanting to have something that she can keep with her always. 

Then, over images of a 4-5 year old Shiharu admiring her mother's wedding ring, Shiharu corrects her previous thought: she doesn't "know" how Rio feels, but rather she has "longing" towards that kind of physical item that symbolizes the emotional bond between two people.

In the final scene, Matsunaga-san is visiting Shiharu's family's grave with a serious look on his face. The tagline at the end of the chapter says "What is in Matsunaga-san's heart as he stands in front of the Nakamura family grave...?!"

The next chapter will be released on 3/20!!! I'm looking forward to it! I hope there's some DEVELOPMENT!!! 


  1. "What is in Matsunaga-san's heart as he stands in front of the Nakamura family grave...?!"
    Maybe, he will ask Shiharu's mother for permission to keep her stay by his side forever. *I hope* :3

  2. I'm squee-ing like an idiot here. LOL Thanks so much for everything!

  3. I think Shiharu remembering her mother's ring is kind of symbolic....something big is gonna happen in the next few chapters.....
    Looking forward to it ;)

  4. Waaaa! Waaaaa!!! Ohmygosh ohmygosh ohmygosh! So excited for the next chapter!!! I'm a little piglet with all the squeeing I'm making! XD


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