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Love So Life Chapter 87 RAWs and Summary

Today all my dreams came true and we humbly received the most epic chapter of Love So Life ever!!! Thank you God, Buddha, Allah, whomever!!! And of course the one and only Kouchi Kaede <3 Please give us some more epic in the next chapter too!! Finally, thanks to for the speedy RAWs!

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The chapter title page shows Shiharu folding the twins' laundry, with the headline "Tiny clothes are so cute~~!"

While folding laundry, Shiharu notices that there's a hole in one of Akane-chan's socks. She gently explains to Akane that the sock is too little for her now and that even if she sewed it it would hurt to wear it, so what they have to do is thank the sock for everything up until now and then say goodbye. Akane-chan seems a bit puzzled by this, but not heartbroken. 

While watching Akane say thank you and goodbye to her old socks, Shiharu thinks to herself that this is proof of how much the twins have grown, and that makes the old socks seem really precious. Shiharu wants to ask permission to keep the socks since they'd be thrown out anyways, but is hesitant about it because she thinks it might sound kind of weird and creepy to ask to keep a pair of the twins' old socks. 

At the jewelry store, Rio and Takeru are shopping together for Rio's white day present. However, every time Rio holds up a necklace and asks Takeru what he things he just says "Oh, that one's nice!" Rio gets aggravated and accuses him of not even looking at the necklaces. Takeru insists that he is looking but they all just look the same to him. He tries to duck out by telling Rio that he'll wait outside and Rio should call him when she finds one she likes. Rio argues that if he waits outside then she's basically just deciding by herself, and demands he come back inside and help her find a necklace that looks good on her.

Takeru tells her that no matter which necklace she puts on, or even if she doesn't put one on at all, she's still cuter than any jewlry. Rio blushes and accuses Takeru of being sneaky (trying to use flattery to get out of shopping?) Then Rio demands to know, in that case, he doesn't mind if she shows up for a date with no make up on and wearing jeans and a T-shirt. Takeru is dead serious when he says it's fine with him, but Rio still calls him a liar and drags him back into the store.

Neither of them seems to notice Matsunaga-san (? or perhaps this is his brother Kouichi ?) walking by, wearing a serious expression.

When Shiharu goes to pick up the twins from daycare that day, they give her some lollipops in exchange for the the chocolate she gave them at the amusement park on valentine's day. 

After putting the twins to bed that night, Shiharu works up her courage and asks Matsunaga-san about Akane's old sock. He promptly tells her he threw it away because there was a hole in it, and Shiharu turns into a statue. He asks if there's a problem with that and Shiharu haltingly says that there's no problem. Then he asks if she was planning on using it for something, and once again she listlessly admits she was not. 

Matsunaga-san tells Shinaru that he can tell from the look on her face that something's wrong, and he reminds her that he already told her way back in chapter 55 that he wants her to tell him the things she's worried about so he can see if he can find a way to help. Shiharu blushes a bit and finally admits to Matsunaga-san that she was planning to ask to keep the old pair of Akane's socks. 

Matsunaga-san is puzzled and asks what she wants old holey socks for, but Shiharu explains that the fact that the socks are worn out means the twins played and grew a lot in them, which makes them precious to her. 

Matsunaga-san is impressed again with just how much Shiharu obviously loves the twins. He tells her to wait a minute then returns with a pair of Aoi's socks (I think). Shiharu protests that she shouldn't take such a nice hole-less pair of the twins' socks but Matsunaga-san insists it's fine since these socks are too small  now anyways. After confirming that it's really okay, Shiharu thanks him with a huge smile and a cheery "thank you!"

Then Matsunaga-san tells Shiharu a bit hesitatingly that he has something he wants to give her. He mentions that there's also the matter of his repayment of the present she gave him on Valentine's Day, but the way he says it makes it clear that this is not just a white day present; more like, he's using the opportunity to hit two birds with one stone.

Matsunaga-san tells Shiharu he has something he wants to discuss with her and asks her to sit. After serving them both tea, Matsunaga-san passes Shiharu a gift bag and says "First I'll give you this." Shiharu is a bit puzzled by his use of the word 'first' here but after asking permission, she opens the present. Inside is what appears to be a diamond ring!! 

Shiharu closes the jewelry box in disbelief, but when she opens it again the ring is, of course, still here. She closes the box and tries again, with the same result. Matsunaga-san dryly tells her that it's going to be the same no matter how many times she closes and opens the box, but Shiharu is in full-on panic mode and, stuttering heavily, insists there's no way she can casually accept such an expensive-looking gift.

Matsunaga-san smiles a mysterious, patient smile and apologizes for surprising her so suddenly. Then he assumes "the pose" (kneeling, hands on knees, prepared to kow-tow) and says "Nakamura-san... I like you."

Unfortunately, we'll have to wait 1 month to hear Shiharu's answer on 4/19.


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