Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Manga I Purchased Recently

I got two packages in the mail yesterday containing all my recent manga purchases! I think this will be my last large manga purchase from the US. 

Overview of everything I bought!

Close-up view 1!

Close-up view 2!

My brother was here when I opened the packages and laid everything out to take pictures. He made fun of me for being weird and taking pictures of my shopping sprees :P We played a "game" where he went through and made up titles for a bunch of the books based on the cover illustrations. He couldn't read the real titles because they're in Japanese, so it was funny to see how completely different the real and made-up titles were. Here are some of the name he came up with:

Majo no Biyaku: The Day I Kissed Someone Paler Than Me
Kyou wa Uchi de Machiawase: The Man With The Orange Cat
Dengeki Daisy: My Girlfriend Has A Pink Phone
Harukoi: Upskirt Is Legal In Massachusetts
Shinigamihime no Saikon: The Day I Met Dracula
Shinigamihime no Saikon Furoku: Why Is Her Head So Damn Round?
Betsucomi: Why Does This Cat Have No Ears?

There was a Sugar Apple Fairytale sidestory in one of the magazines I got, Premium The Beans. I believe this story is also reprinted in Volume 12 of the main series, this volume is a collection of short stories.

Premium The Beans also contained this short 2-page Sugar Apple Fairytale manga omake!

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