Thursday, March 13, 2014

[RAW] Akuma Hakushaku to Honoo no Otome

The city of Lozetta, where magic dwells in secret... Lizelle, who has no memories from when she was very young, was saved from a monster by a young man who can control magic flames: Earl Albert. In exchange for protecting Lizelle, who is an "Effemera," a human who can give tremendous power to demons, Albert demands her help in investigating a certain incident. Furthermore, she's ordered to work as a maid in the Earl's household...?! An encounter with a demon Earl who is weary of his longevity will change the life of a young girl forever. A romance fantasy set in the city of hazy mist----

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  1. this novel sounds interesting!!
    too bad i cant read Japanese!! T_T

    1. If you start studying now, I bet you can read it in a year or two!! It sounds like a lot, but I never would have dreamed a few years ago that I would one day be able to read novels in Japanese, yet here I am :D

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  3. yes i would love to but i dont have any place i can learn it at u know!!
    so i cant really :(

  4. It would be nice if you could translate this novel!

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  6. Or write a summary of the whole book.That would really help out too.^^


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