Saturday, March 15, 2014

[RAW] Houseki Hime wa Hohoemanai

The royal family of the kingdom of Rudeen can hear the voices of stones and make stone flowers bloom---- Farra, who has inherited the blood of the previous king, has been living in hiding in a poor village in order to escape her pursuers. One day, two mercenaries appear before her. The two of them have received secret orders to deliver her to her fiance, the prince of a nearby kingdom, and it's decided that Farra will set out on a journey with them, but... The silent broadsword user Darien and the peculiar swordsman Seltzer. The curtain opens on a gem love fantasy involving an aloof princess and two mercenaries!

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  1. Ow, no porn, snif. Thanks for sharing. I admit like in the last illustration with the artist's note, I was all along expecting some BL action. I felt an interesting chemistry in the illustrations between Darien and Seltzer, but nothing special with Farra. Is this a sign I've become totally rotten? Maybe it's the lack of porn which is making me wish there were something fishy between the 2 mercenaries to spice things up.


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