Sunday, March 16, 2014

[RAW] Princess Ring

Princess Tistaccia was suddenly passionately kissed by Yulius, who saved her. He's the imperial prince of a country that is enemies with hers, yet Tistaccia becomes captivated by Yulius, unable to forget his sweet kiss. Not wanting to part from him, Tistaccia runs away with Yulius to his country, but on the way the two of them are embroiled in intrigue and end up being captured. The crucified princess. The prince who was forced to aggressively molest her in order to save her life. "Stop, everyone's watching----" I mustn't give in. And yet, the embarrassment is making me more and more turned on...   

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  1. Thank you for sharing. I've been searching online raws for smutty josei light novels lately. We need publishers to start translating these. It'd be a nice addition to the Western romance novel market. Plus many light novel illustrators are so darn good! Give me romance, some porn for pervy me, and luscious drawings to make it pretty... We soooo need our publishers here to start taking a look at these pretty books.

    1. I agree, I wish publishers would pick up more titles like this! The generation who originally began buying manga when english publishers first started translating and selling them are adults now and our interests have evolved as well! If they want to keep our interest they are going to need to progress the material they are putting out!

      By the way, if you are looking for more of this type of book, search for this publisher, Tiara Bunko. They do all period/fantasy smut romance. I must own 25 books from them or more!

    2. I first heard about light novels in the Boy's Love community. Yup, I'm a fujoshi fiend. But for some reason, it never dawn on me until recently tat light novels existed also for other genre. Well, I'm essentially interested in the smut and sexy illustrations, so with no porn, you don't get to interest me. I saw at the bunkokure wordpress blog someone listing the Japanese publisher for the smutty type of josei light novels. Gosh, I'm drooling like crazy at all these shiny pretty covers. Pity I can't read Japanese, that's why I'm so focused on the illustrations. The Sonya covers are especially pretty, I saw promotions for them these last weeks at many Japanese ebookstores I visit. Do you know if the Japanese buy them more for the author, the story or the illustrator?


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