Thursday, March 20, 2014

[RAW] Shinigami no Last Order

This oneshot was included in the most recent issue of Hana to Yume magazine. I read it because the art looked nice and the title was intriguing, but I was surprised by how good the story was. A lot of oneshots have the problem of either underdeveloped plotlines or too much material smushed into a short story, but this story truly made use of the oneshot format to its full potential. It was sad and touching and moving all at once! I absolutely recommend that anyone who can read Japanese give this oneshot a try!

The main character of this story is the Shinigami (grim reaper) who is a member of a species gifted with eternal life but who don't need to eat to live and who have no sense of taste whatsoever. Because of this, he's fascinated with the pleasure humans take in eating and he's made it his mission to use his magic serving tray to grant humans whatever last supper they desire immediately before their deaths. There's another major character, a female college student named Momo who used to be very close with her father after her mother walked out on them when she was a child. Momo and her father bonded over Curry Rice, which was the only food he could make, and not very well. They enjoyed curry rice together for every special ocassion until Momo got into highschool when she started getting picked on for her unusual attachment to her father and for always 'stinking like curry.' After this she rejected her father, and their estrangement remained unresolved after her father died in a traffic accident. When the Shinigami appears before Momo and tells her she has only 24 hours to live, she initially resists his offer of her last supper, but in the end she gives in and orders what she truly wants more than anything-- her father's curry. Just before her death, Momo asks the Shinigami if there is curry powder in heaven (implying that she will reunite with her father after her death and the two will rekindle their bond over curry rice.) When people from her part time job find Momo's body several days later, there's a bottle of curry powder next to her that the Shinigami placed there, bidding her to "Take it with you." On the last page the Shinigami narrates that, through his interaction with Momo, he's come a bit closer to understanding the elusive meaning of the word "Delicious."

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