Sunday, March 2, 2014

[RAW] Skeleton Sister

This is a really weird one-shot. I'm sharing it because it's got some unique and interesting elements, though it's not entirely un-cliche. The RAWs were not scanned by me, by the way, they are from Comiczip.

The story is about Rosalie, whose parents were killed by robbers when she was a child which lead to her having a phobia about the dark. She was taken in by the church where she was raised by the kind priest to become a nun. But when the priest dies, Rosalie uses a spell to summon a companion so she won't be alone in the dark at night. However, Rosalie didn't read the spell carefully before casting it. She didn't realize that the spell would share her soul with the creature she summoned, and as a result she would turn into a skeleton at night while the skeleton would turn into a man, and during the day she would get her soul back and turn back into a human, while the skeleton turned back into a skeleton. Furthermore, if one of them dies, the other gets to keep the soul, so they are always trying to kill each other. Even so, a strange relationship of sympathy begins to form between these two bizarre characters.

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  1. Indeed, that's a weird one. Cute moments, but weird feeling overall. Thank you for sharing.


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