Monday, April 14, 2014

[Announcement] Ebook Japan Free Online Reading

QQ Sweeper
By: Motomi Kyousuke

Chapter 1: (Scanlated Already)
Chapter 2: Link Here!


  1. Hi! First, thank you for a lot of your summaries and that fact that you give us the raws of dengeki daisy especial chapters, before someone even translated it, and the same now with QQ sweeper. Sorry for asking, but there's a chance that maybe would you be able to upload in the future or at least post a summary of Queen's Quality?? It's just that I find myself in love with the story and I have look everywhere and there are no raws of the continuation of QQ sweeper. Sorry to bother you, but thanks for reading! Keep it up with the good work and thanks again for all the summary, translations and post you have done! Thank you!

    1. Did someone scan the raws of QQ sweeper all the way to the end? I haven't even read the whole thing myself! I'll see what I can do about Queen's Quality.

    2. Yes, thay have the scans in and I know that in are some of them translated. Thank you for your answer and I hope that you can fo something but of course, most of all, I hope you actually get to complete reading QQ sweeper first, is actually quite the beatuful story when you think about it. Once again, thank you for everything!

  2. I am so thankful for all you do, i've been here since dengeki daisy and im really grateful for all your work :3 i also want to ask about Queen's quality too, it seems that no one scanned it and stuff, do you know anything about it?


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