Monday, April 28, 2014

[Announcement] Magazine RAWs

My Little Robinson
By: Tsutsumi Kakeru

My Little Robinson is about a girl named Ichigo who struggles to balance her job as a successful magazine model with her life as a normal high school student, and a young man named Tsugumi who is a member of a race of humans who only grow to be about 15 cm tall. This series seems to draw from the folktale of elves who make shoes in the tailor's shop while the tailor is sleeping. In the past Tsugumi was told by another member of his race that their people make a living by doing finely detailed work that can't be accomplished by (normal sized) humans or machines, and that the way to find a job is to first create some samples of your work and leave them where the human you want to work for will find them, and after that person has seen what you can do you can reveal yourself to them and forge a contract. At some point in the past Tsugumi attempted this but was captured and put in a bottle by the human he revealed himself to, and only narrowly managed to escape. As a result, he's bitter and untrusting towards humans. When he first meets Ichigo he thinks she's a huge dope, but bit by bit her cheerful and hardworking personality begins to melt his frozen heart.

Chapter 1: Link Here!
Chapter 2: Link Here!
Chapter 3: Link Here!

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