Tuesday, April 1, 2014

[Announcement] Sugar Apple Fairy Tale Volume 15 Cover Illustration Released

There's not much to say. This cover is GORGEOUS. And Shall is SMILING!! I'm not really sure where his legs are, though. It looks like his jacket is open in the front and there's nothing inside, lol. Ann looks really mature here. Hopefully soon she'll finally be grown up enough for us to get some steamy scenes:D :D :D I prefer covers like this where they're both smiling to ones like volume 14 where they both looked very worried. 


  1. Aww :) Thanks so much for posting this pic. It makes me so happy to see them smiling, specially Shall. :D

    If you pay attention, you can see at least one of his legs. He's stepping on something. :)

    1. Ohhhh yeah!! Now that you mention him stepping on something, I can see it :D

  2. the cover is so gorgeous *___* i love that they're both smiling and holding hands. otp. thank you for sharing


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