Thursday, April 17, 2014

[RAW] Koko Dake no Hanashi

If I remember correctly this is the first chapter in what turned out to be a 3-shot that ran in Hana to Yume magazine around this time last year.

I remember clearly going through a stack of manga magazines half as tall as I am, and cutting out all the chapters I wanted to take home so I could throw the rest out. I missed the last recycling day before I left because I was in China and my host family refused to put the magazines out for me on the next one even though I bundled them up, so I ended up illegally dumping those magazines in burnable trash cans at convenience stores all over Nagoya. I'm sorry, Earth!! I know printed materials aren't supposed to go in the burnable trash!!

Anyways, this is a cute story about forbidden love between an ordinary girl and a Buddhist priest!

Read Online: Link Here!
Download: Link Here!


  1. Thank you for sharing. It is indeed sweet. Are buddhist priests fantasy-men material for Japanese women? Or is it a recent trend? Lately, I seem to see more romantic mangas with buddhist priests as love interests.

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  3. You don't happen to have scans from the third chapter by any chance?

    1. Oh, that's too sad. Do you then happen to know in which Hana to Yume issue it was released or any guidelines on where I could find it?
      My group is scanlating this one, so we want to find the chapters somehow.

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