Wednesday, April 16, 2014

[RAW] Renai Paradise Mini - March, 2014

This post is the first of a whole bunch that I'm going to make sporadically over the next few days. I've been scanning like crazy trying to get everything I have here that I want to post on this blog at least scanned in, if not uploaded, before I leave the US. 

This magazine specifically is called Renai Paradise Mini. It's, as your might imagine, a smaller sized sister magazine to Renai Paradise, which I posted previously. Also, this is the first and only manga magazine I've ever read cover to cover and enjoyed every series!!

All of the stories in this magazine are smutty one-shots geared towards young women. This release is dedicated to Lethalene, who always enjoys my smut manga releases. Thank you for always visiting my blog!  

Read Online: Link Here!
Download: Link Here!

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  1. Lethalene here!
    Yes, another smut fiend like me! :D
    Thank you very very much Ica, for sharing this magazine and other pieces of your smut collection. I took a quick look at the magazine and indeed, the stories look fun and all art styles are nice and pleasant. Now, gonna take a closer look at the pretty naughty art. ;-)


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