Wednesday, April 23, 2014

[RAW] Zettai Kareshi Light Novel

The original Fushigi Yuugi was one of my favorite manga of all times and probably the first manga I ever read after Sailor Moon. Ever since then, I've really  loved Watase Yuu's artwork. Her female characters especially are cute and more realistically proportioned than the majority of manga. I find most shounen manga seriously exaggerate women's bodies in one direction (too voluptuous) whereas most shoujo manga exaggerates in the other direction (too skinny). Certainly people exist who do have those kinds of body types, but I think the majority look more like the type of women and girls Watase-sensei draws. 

I read and enjoyed the Zettai Kareshi manga, but I actually prefer the drama adaption more! The drama is quite different from the manga; in the manga Riiko and Soushi are neighbors and classmates in High School, whereas in the drama Soushi is Riiko's boss and they are both young working adults, not teenagers. Probably the reason I like the drama more is because I can relate to it more at this point in my life than I can with high school love drama.

Anyways, this light novel is a side story that occurs after the end of the series. Enjoy!

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  1. ;O; es re triste este manga!!!

  2. Shounen have big breasts because it's a fulfilment of boys fantasies. Shoujo leads are flat and/or have little to no forms because the majority of girls/women in Japan are A cups.

    Can't have them feel inferior. I mean when I try to think hard about recent shoujo leads with something else than an A I can only think of the lead of Soredemo. I suppose that's to make it more obvious that Livi is a Shota.


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