Monday, May 19, 2014

Love So Life Chapter 90 RAWs

In life, there are things that can be done and things that can not be done. For example, I can not stay in Japan if I slack off, read manga all day and don't prepare my lessons properly. I also can not keep up with all of the projects I was involved with up until now with the minuscule amount of free time left to me. So, unfortunately I have to announce a partial hiatus on all projects effective immediately. At least until I get used to teaching and lesson planning doesn't take me as much effort as it is currently, I will be on extremely restricted duty around here. If you want to take over anything I've been working on, please shoot me an email to let me know (just so I don't waste time trying to work on something that someone else is taking up.) 

The only projects I will 100% commit to continuing are 1. RAWs for Love So Life and Kore wa Kore no Hanashi (though I probably won't write out translations/summaries if I don't have the time.) 2. Scanlation of Oji Koi. 3. Translation of Sugar Apple Fairytale (however the speed is going to decrease drastically.) 

Thank you to everyone for your patience and understanding!

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  1. Thanks, Ica! Looks like LSL will be off your schedule after all, lol :D Even though I'm laughing and happy that you'll have at least this thing off your mind, I'm pulling off my hair here. Finally Matsunaga-aniki found the guts to appear at his house. Don't let him run away again, Shiharu! I still hope Seiji will punch him in the face when he sees him. =D
    And I hope Koichi will tell Seiji that he shouldn't wait for ten years for Shiharu because you can never know what'll happen in life: "in the next moment a person you love may disappear forever, like Misaki. So Seiji, don't waste your time and use every opportunity you can get to be with her."

  2. first of all thank you so much for translation but if anything happened at least sugar apple fairy tale ,I daily visiting your blog just for that.....:3

  3. Thank you for not dropping this one! Though it probably won't be a problem for a couple of months, in the last page it says... july 5th? :'( oh god why. I hope what Kai said in the first comment would happen...

    And I hope everything will go smoothly for you in Japan!! My best wishes :)

  4. Love So Life and Kore wa Kore no Hanashi ? the most important ! Thank you very much

  5. The teaching is very important profession and not to be taken lightly, so it is only natural that you feel the need to concentrate on that. Good luck with lessons planning! And in your free time, however little is available, please enjoy Japan to the fullest possible extend!:)

  6. Thank you sooo much for continuing Love So Life <3 <3 <3

    But more importantly, take care of yourself. Moving, and the new job, and preparing lessons. It will be much work on you so always take care of yourself first and then you can relax and enjoy the things you like to do.

  7. Finally Koichi is back..
    Wonder what will happen next..
    July 5th is so far....


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