Saturday, May 3, 2014

[RAW] Aria Issue #6, 2014 (04-28-2014)

This issue of Aria was abnormally thick (almost twice the normal size, with a total of over 600 pages) and more expensive than usual. I guess none of the authors wanted to take a break this month. Works for me!

This magazine, too, was bought with money from a donation from Yaprak. Thank you!

You may notice I emitted one chapter when I uploaded the scans of this magazine. My friends over at Aqua Scans have picked up this series and when I sent them the scans they asked me to not post the chapter publicly for now, so there's less chance of another group sniping the project. If you happen to be a donor or someone I've talked to in the chatbox and want to read the chapter, I can send you the scans privately by email.

The next thing I'm planning to scan for this blog is Hana to Yume Bunkei Shoujo. Look for it tonight or tomorrow morning (Japanese time).

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If you want to jump straight to Kore wa Koi no Hanashi Chapter 41, click HERE! The next chapter will be the FINAL CHAPTER!!! There will also be a mini 'Drama CD' released on the same day. From what I understand, it's actually a web radio segment featuring a conversation (argument?) between Shinichi and Oogaki. I'll post more information about it when I figure it out! I'll also translate the chapter on Mangalator once it's uploaded on there.


  1. :I It's really disappointing that Kore wa Koi no Hanashi will be ending with the next chapter. I guess they'll get together and then the end and we'll see an epilogue fast forwarded of a future with them happily married with kids. Its sucks that it is ending when there has not been any romance at all; it's the 2nd to last chapter and they haven't moved past the being friends stage and we haven't seen any romance. >:( I'm so frustrated that so many authors think that a good ending is when the couple gets together or gets married... I'd think the dating and marriage struggles/fights and raising kids and growing old together would be interesting to read but... nope. It would've been nice to see their daily life as two adults, parents, etc since we've seen Haruka growing up in stages :'(.Things always, always, always end before anything even really begins!
    Thanks for the update though~

    1. I mean c'mon we waited 40 chapters for her to grow up, then the author's is like The End? Too cruel... orz

  2. I agree with you guys!!! I can't remember a single romantic moment between Shinichi and Haruka that I can take away from this manga at all. I am very very disappointed in how the mangaka went about these last few chapters and how she will be ending the damn thing--it was probably one of my favorite age gaps until I found out it was ending in a chapter. Now I just have a bitter taste in my mouth. -__-

  3. I'm going to agree with everyone here. This ending feels WAY too rushed. To be honest I had a feeling that things were being accelerated when Haruka's mother suddenly appeared in the middle of the developing love triangle (which still had a lot left to it).

    For the story to end just as their relationship begins is just... wrong on every level. I love this story and I love these characters I have waited long months to see develop but this is really disappointing. Beyond words. The only thing that could make this worse is for the final chapter to begin with yet another Time Jump (I'm almost expecting it)

    Shinichi and Haruka have had almost ZERO interaction since this high school arc began (romantic or otherwise). No matter how this will end I as a reader will feel unfulfilled.

  4. Are you serious? How can the next one be the last chapter. It better be a really long one because there is still so much that needs to be dealt with.
    thenk you for the posting. I just wish I new what they where sayng. I know from previous experiences with one other manga in particular ( glass mask) that the mangaka had on purpose omitted some parts of the chapter in the magazine and then added them in the book. I wonder if there is any chance that this is also going to happen here. Otherwise I think everybody is going to be in for a major disappointment. Thank you again and keep up the good work.

  5. Now now guys, let's not jump to conclusions. Sure, its the last chapter, but that doesn't necessarily mean the entire series will end instantly. Icarus Bride said there will be an Audio Drama, which could possibly lead to a sequel or if not, a definitive conclusion to this particular story. Take Beelzebub for example (if you guys read it), the final chapter was partly a let down, but at least it ended positively, with the author confirming a spin-off later in the Summer. In other words, the author might have something planned for the series, since it sold well and is critically acclaimed in Japan. So let's not feel negative that a great story comes to an unresolved conclusion, let's think positively and hope that the series will potentially continue ;)


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