Saturday, May 3, 2014

[RAW] Hana to Yume Issue # 11

Hey guys! This is my first post since I got back to Japan. Thank you to everyone who wished me safe travels. As I hoped, it was fairly uneventful. So far I am thoroughly enjoying Japan. Once I'm done posting this, I'm going to head out to visit a local festival and find some dinner! Later tonight or tomorrow I will also scan Aria magazine for you guys.

These RAWs were purchased thanks to a donation from Yaprak. Thank you!

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PS #1: If you want to read just Love So Life chapter 89, click HERE
PS #2: I've given permission to to host these RAWs on her site as well. Don't be alarmed if you notice it! 


  1. Gahhh!~ Thanks so much for the scans Icarus !~ You're super kind to share with us. Especially with just moving. I been dying for Love So Life ( They have sucked me in and are pulling on my heart strings <3 haha :P

    Again more importantly!~ I'm glad that you have arrived in Japan very safely. Wahh So cool !~ :) Be safe there and enjoy your time before your new job starts. Take things at your pace.

    I did want to tell you I started reading Super Apple Fairy Tale and .... It's as awesome as you said. I fell in love with it <3 <3 <3 I can't believe there are 14 books out and then the new one comes out soon. I think it's so great that ( translators ) have brought it to us in English. So thank you very much for the hard work you and Aqua Scans did on it.

    1. Auele, you're welcome for the scans and the Sugar Apple Fairytale translations! I'm glad you like it. It always makes me deviously happy to suck new readers into the SAFT fandom like I was sucked in!! Hehe. I'm enjoying Japan a lot :D

  2. I really do appreciate your work. Thank you so much icarus-san. I know this might sounds rude but will you continue summerize Love so Life? I know you didn't like what happened last chapter but for me the non-japanese reader is now dying to know what Shiharu and Matsunaga-san says and thinks in this chapter. It would be really kind if you could continue doing the summerize thingy. Even a rough one will do! Thank you so much again for the raws!

  3. Hi Ica, that was fast. I thought your installation would take more time and that we wouldn't hear from you for at least a week. Glad that you've arrived safely. Have a nice and fun time in Japan.

  4. Hi, thank you so much for the RAWS!! Always appreciate it. Wow, good luck on living in Japan, i hope you will have an amazing experience there (i envy you i always want to go to Japan). I'm sorry to ask though, are you still planning to discontinue the LSL translate?

  5. Yes I agree with you that the last chapter was a disappointment then again what did we aspect him to do with this underage girl. I personally even started to wonder why would he even tell her that he loved her and then after tell her to go on like nothing has happened. I love the way she reacts after he lives her at the gate. SOOOO cute. At this point the ball his in her court. She needs to prove him that she is ready for the next step. One way would be to let him know how she feels about him.I can't wait to see what happens in the next chapter. I aspect a lot of awkward and cute moments. I was also wondering about the translation as I have now way to make my own. I realize how much work must be in it but I was still hoping you would continue.Thank you.


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